Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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Ève style ( È bindings )

A style of decoration executed by the French bookbinders, Nicholas Eve (fl 1578-1582). and his son or nephew, Clovis (fl 1584-1635). They were the Court binders and booksellers to Henri III, Henri IV, and Louis XIII during the period in which they flourished. Typical designs of their bindings included a field powdered with fleur-de-lis, and, occasionally, a center piece of the Crucifixion on the Royal Arms, and, while many bindings in the FANFARE STYLE have been attributed to them, for only a few extant fanfares can this be said with certainty. The Eves were among the first bookbinders to conceive the pattern on the covers and spine as an integrated unit. Only three extant bindings are known to be their work. All three are powdered with fleurs-de-lis. (132 , 140 ,154 , 169 )

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