Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. A leaf or leaves of a book which have had letters or a design raised in relief for the purpose of indicating ownership. The leaves most commonly treated in this manner are the title page and page 99, or descending multiples of 11, i.e., page 88, 77, 66, etc. Embossing is more or less obsolete today, as most libraries have come to realize that it is not only expensive but largely ineffective as a means of deterring theft. 2. Paper, leather, cloth, etc., on which a raised or depressed design is imparted for decorative effects. See also: CUIR-BOUILLI . 3. A design in the covering material of a book, usually one covered in leather, but sometimes cloth or paper, which is in relief. 4. Lettering, or a design, which is raised above the surface of the paper of a book. See: EMBOSSING . 5. See: EMBOSSED LEATHER . (12 , 58 )

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