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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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contact bonding

An adhesive assembly process which utilizes adhesives that are dried to the condition where they display very little adhesive attraction to each other hut still possess considerable cohesive attraction and strength properties. When two surfaces, for example, are coated with an adhesive and allowed to dry to the point where they no longer display TACK . they can he conveniently handled; when the two surfaces are then joined, however. they immediately attract each other and cohere, instantly forming a strong bond. If the two surfaces are allowed to dry for too great a time, however, the ability to cohere is destroyed, unless the adhesive is dampened with a solvent and then allowed to dry once again to the stage of non-tackiness. This type of adhesive is used extensively in attaching plastic laminates to surfaces and is convenient to use in other applications where immediate bonding is important. Such contact adhesives are usually based on synthetic elastomers.

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