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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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An implement used for the application of paste. glue, or other adhesive liquid, powder, glair, etc., to the surface of paper, board, cloth, leather, or other material. A brush is composed of a gathering of hair or bristles (natural brushes), or some synthetic material. secured in a plastic compound and held in a metal ferrule which is crimped around a handle. A high quality brush always has the natural tips of the hairs or bristles. The various shapes of brushes are achieved by cutting, trimming, and fashioning the root (butt) ends of the hairs. A pointed brush, for example, is shaped by inserting the hairs, tips downward, in a brass "cannon," in the size and shape made for the purpose, and trimming them at the root end. Very superior brushes have a considerable hold of hair within the ferrule, sometimes as much as is seen beyond the ferrule, while cheaper brushes have but little hold. (66 , 233 )

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