Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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binding specifications

The description of the materials, manufacturing processes, and standards of workmanship to be employed in binding books for a library or similar institution. Material specifications include the quality and weight (or size) of thread, paper, cloth (or leather), adhesives, mending tissues, gold, foil, inks, etc., of such things as endpapers, guards, stubs, hinges, inlays, linings, tapes, sewing thread. covering materials, and the like. Manufacturing specifications include collation, preparation for sewing, special checking, reinforcing, removing back folds, scoring, construction and attachment of endpapers, trimming, gluing-up, blocking, casing-in, inspection, etc. Workmanship specifications include sewing, rounding and backing, adhesion of materials, turn-ins, squares, corners, trimming and the like. Specifications, it should be noted, are not intended to instruct the binder in how to bind a book, but only to insure an acceptable end product. (16 , 25 , 83 )

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