Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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bindery tapes

The tapes used to cover the binding edge of checkbooks, composition books, pads or tablets of writing paper, scrapbooks, and the like. They are also used as gussets for file folders, and as reinforcements for the punched edges of loose-leaf notebook paper. Bindery tapes make use of a variety of backing materials, ranging from Holland, cambric, and gusset cloths, through strong latex-impregnated materials to embossed, coated kraft papers. The tapes are made in a variety of colors, and most are applied automatically on stripping machines. The adhesive used on these tapes must be of reasonably high quality and strength, must have a moderate amount of working life after wetting, and must be capable of bonding quickly after application. Also called "gum stripping tapes." (309 )

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