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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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A machine used in papermaking. It consists essentially of a tank, usually provided with a partition or "mid-feather," that contains a heavy roll designed to revolve against a bedplate. Both roll and bedplate can be fitted with horizontal metal bars set on edge. In operation, the pulp material in a water slurry circulates between the roll and bedplate and is rubbed, cut, macerated, and separated into a fibrous mass for further processing into paper. Sometimes fillers, loadings, dyes, etc., are added to the stock in the beater. Some authorities contend that the beater, introduced in 1670, was partially responsible for the decline in quality of paper, as miniscule iron particles, breaking away from the sides or working parts of the machine, entered the paper and caused it to deteriorate. See also: REFINER . (17 , 58 )

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