Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 20 2001
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 20


Exploring New Ideas for Paper Conservation Treatments Using Aqueous Solutions of Calcium Salts (abstract)
John Bogaard
Paul M. Whitmore

Ben Shahn: Sound in the Mulberry Trees: Treatment and Study (abstract)
Anne Driesse
Penley Knipe
Craigen Bowen

Yves Gaucher's Homage to Webern No. 1: a Multidimensional Treatment
Heather Hendry

"I Was Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, What Was Your Crime?" Materials and Techniques of Twentieth-Century American Political Cartoonists (abstract)
Holly Krueger

Archives and Rare Book Rooms Environmental Renovation: Projects at Penfield Library (abstract)
William P. Lull

Optical Brighteners: History and Technology (abstract)
Rachel Mustalish

Maintenance of Asian Paintings II: Minor Treatment of Scroll Paintings
Yoshiyuki Nishio

An Alternative Light Source for Light Bleaching in Paper Conservation
Roy Perkinson

The Great Promoter: William J. Barrow and His Role in the History of Conservation (summary)
Sally Cruz Roggia

Effect of Water Washing on Paper and Cellulosic Textiles: an Overview and Update of CCI Research
Season Tse

Archives Conservators Discussion Group: Mold Remediation in Archives
Kathy Ludwig, moderator

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group: a Short History and Summaries of Recent Discussions
Meg Brown, moderator
Ethel E. Hellman, moderator

Consolidation Discussion
Daria Keynan, moderator
Eric Hansen, moderator

Stain Reduction Discussion
Mirian Peck Dirda, moderator
Leslie Hill Paisley, moderator

Wet Treatment of Water-Soluble Media Discussion
Elizabeth Lunning, moderator
Karen L. Pavelka, moderator

Board Reattachment Discussion
Maria Fredericks, moderator
Ethel E. Hellman, moderator

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