Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 12 1993
The American Institute for Conservation

The Use of Gore-Tex to Transmit Solvent Vapors in the Treatment of Drawings by Henry Ossawa Tanner
Nancy Ash

Historical Manufacture and Use of Blue Paper
Irene Br�ckle

Jorg Immendorff's 'Caf� Deutschland Gut': Consolidation with Klucel G and the Engelbrecht Radiant Heat Source
Jonathan P. Derow

A Simple Tip for Making Working Copies of Badly Deteriorated Archival Materials
Betsy Palmer Eldridge

A Simple Tip for Tearing Repair Strips--Flat, Even and Narrow
Betsy Palmer Eldridge

Metropolitan Museum of Art Japanese Print Collection: Condition Survey, Computer Cataloging and Exhibition Concerns
Betty Fiske

The Bill of Rights Goes to Spain
Mary Todd Glaser
Steven Weintraub
Ellen Marlatt

Washingtoniana II: Conservation of Architectural Drawings at the Library of Congress
Michele E. Hamill

Maintenance of East Asian Painting (Examination)
Yoshiyuki Nishio

The History and Treatment of the Papyrus Collection at The Brooklyn Museum
Antoinette Owen
Rachel Danzing

Preparation of Reproducibly Stained Paper Samples for Conservation Research
Terry T. Schaeffer
Victoria Blyth-Hill

Complexity in Creation: A Detailed Look at the Watercolors for The Birds of America
Reba Fishman Snyder

The Shrink Wrap Project at Rutgers University Special Collections and Archives
Janice Stagnitto

Quality Materials: Handmade Paper--Taking a Closer Look
Barbara Meir-Husby
Jesse Munn
Terry Boone Wallis
Mary Wootton

Origins and Development of Dry Mounting
Stephanie Watkins

Treatment of Water Sensitive and Friable Media Using Suction and Ultrasonic Mist
Marilyn Kemp Weidner

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