Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 07 1988
The American Institute for Conservation

Effect on Paper pH and Alkaline Reserve from Magnesium Bicarbonate Introduced via Ultrasonic Humidification
Bonnie Rose Curtin

The Reinstallation of an 1830's Zuber Scenic Wallpaper at the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site
James Hamm

Treatment of an Oversized, Hand-Drawn Shaker Map
Patricia Dacus Hamm

Case History: The Conserving of a Chained Binding
Scott Kellar

Tibia Preservation in the Document Conservation Laboratory
Stuart A. Kohler

A Survey of Recent Scientific Research which has Caused a Re-evaluation of Commonly Used Practices in Book and Paper Conservation
Leslie M. Kruth

Conservation Activities in Central and South America: Mexico
Denys Pineda Morisset

Machine Made Oriental Papers in Western Paper Conservation
Catherine Nicholson
Susan Page

A Traveling Exhibition of Oversized Drawings
Karen Potje

The Chicago Historical Society Flood: Recovery Analysis Two Years Later
Carol Turchan

Update on Current Research Into Aqueous Light Bleaching at the Conservation Analytical Laboratory
Dianne van der Reyden
Marion F. Mecklenburg
Mary T. Baker
Michele E. Hamill

A Pigment Survey of Persian and Indian Paintings in the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (Citation only)
Elisabeth West FitzHugh