Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 06 1987
The American Institute for Conservation

The Movement of the Book Spine
Tom Conroy

The Air Bag Press at Jensen Bindery
Michael Nym Dunn

Treatment of Folded Paper Artifacts
Deborah M. Evetts

Comments on the Measurement of 'Yellowness' in Pulp and Paper
Robert L. Feller

The Removal of Secondary Supports from Works of Art on Paper
Barbara Gould

Better Storage on a Shoe String
John Hartmann

Report on the Committee on Curatorial Issues Raised by Conservation
Cathy Henderson

The Restoration Rebinding of Speculum Naturale by Vincent of Beauvais, and the Subsequent Development of Several Options for Conservation Rebinding Structures Based on Details Found During the Restoration
Bruce R. Levy

The Design of a Collapsible Humidification Chamber
Holly Maxson

The Treatment of a Storyboard from the Movie Gone With the Wind
Sue Beauman Murphy

A Model for Humidity Control Using Gore-Tex Silica Tiles
Lowell Perkins

Treatment of Chine-Coll´┐Ż Prints
Tatyana Petukhova

Small, Not Insignificant: a Specification for a Conservation Pamphlet Binding Structure
Randy Silverman

Post-It Notes
Deborah M. Evetts