Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 02 1983
The American Institute for Conservation

A Note on the Use of Magnesium Bicarbonate in Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions
Nancy E. Ash

The Treatment of Transparent Papers: A Review
Konstanze Bachmann

The Analysis of Degradation Products Extracted From Selected 19th Century Papers ((Unavailable))
C. Eugene Cain

Disaster, Economics Department, University of Michigan, 1981 ((Unavailable))
James W. Craven

Specifications for a Hard-Board Laced-In Conservation Binding
Robert Espinosa

Conservator and Librarian
Don Etherington

Modifications of a Basic Polyester Post Binding
Barbara Meier-James

The Proper Storage and Display of a Photographic Collection
Debbie Hess Norris

Construction and Start-Up of the Deacidification Unit at Princeton University Library ((Unavailable))
Robert A. Parliament

Deacidification Panel
Lois Olcott Price

Polyester Encapsulation in Signatures
Glen Ruzicka

Rembrandt's Inks
Marjorie Shelley

Pressure-Sensitive Tape and Techniques for its Removal
Merrily A. Smith
Norvell M. M. Jones II
Susan L. Page
Marian Peck Dirda

Manuscript and Archival Collections: New Acquisitions
James Stroud

Notes on the Manufacture of Goldbeater's Skin
Jack C. Thompson

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