Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 2 1983
The American Institute for Conservation


This is my first attempt at compiling and producing a publication such as this. As is typical of a novice I grossly underestimated the time needed for such a project. Soliciting papers and pressuring my respected colleagues and peers had its awkward moments. The deadline for distribution had to be put back at least a dozen times. But I think you will find the wait has been worthwhile.

The Book and Paper Group, I have happily come to find, is a dynamic. and creative group of professionals who are willing to share their experiences and talents with their colleagues. We have much to gain by our mutual association.

I want to thank all who have contributed to this volume of The Book and Paper Group Annual. The effort put into the papers printed here will be readily apparent to all who. read them. I would also like to thank my employer, The Humanities Research Center of The University of Texas at Austin and my supervisor, Don Etherington, for allowing me to take the time necessary for this undertaking.

Craig W. Jensen, Secretary The Book and Paper Group
Marjorie B. Cohn sends in the following quote from An Essay on the Utility of Collecting the Best Works of the Ancient Engravers of the Italian School, by George Cumberland. London, 1827, p.23. (Just in case you thought there was something new under the sun!)

"Again of late years a most pernicious practice has prevailed, I mean cleaning old stained Prints by washing them with weak acids... which, although it certainly removes stains, corrodes the edges of the finest lines; converting the old ink from a brown tint to a blue one, roughening the surface of the paper, and weakening the whole effect.

"These Print cleaners... have done more injuries than time to the most valuable objects... There is but one way safely to purify a dirty impression, and that is to expose it to the sun's rays, under a shallow surface of water, in a leaden trough for some days."

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