Vita Resuméd

Walter Henry
/CoOL Operator/
Manager, Conservation OnLine and
Conservation DistList

Librarian emeritus, Stanford University

Formerly Lead Analyst, Preservation Department
Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR)
Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS)—Development and Research (D&R)

At the moment

Most of my waking and many non-waking hours are devoted to work on CoOL and the Cons DistList, which are operated by Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

In this narrative, past and present tense are intermixed rather indiscriminately, the poetics of which have not —or not yet—escaped me.

Before leaving Stanford:

I was seconded half-time to the Development and Research group (D&R)>, which is part of Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS) where we are building, among other things, the Stanford Digital Repository. Most of this document refers my time at Stanford

My topmost preoccupations at that time included rules engines and rule-based systems, test-driven development, software development methodologies, XML, Eclipse,and Java, all areas in which I am woefully ill-qualified but disarmingly enthusiastic.

Outside the D&R work, my current efforts are devoted to the the apparently endless, tedious, soul-killing process of trying to upgrade the family of sites services that make up Conservation OnLine (CoOL) while fixing, uh, I mean maintaining, current systems and getting an instance or two of the Conservation DistList edited and distributed every week or so.

Non-Stanford interests include cycling and computer music, both of which I really must get to one of these days

More or less ongoing interests: Digital archives, markup, web management, imaging, video preservation, preservation of electronic materials, preservation of software, solubility, preservation information management, information space, rule based sustems. For not-so-recent stuff see Publications and other writing below.

Activities (Selected)

Field Editor, AATA Online: Abstracts of International Conservation Literature, (Jan 2005-2015)
Associate Editor (Paper), Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, (July 1995-2006)
Web editor (non-voting board position), Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC) (2003- )

Publications and computer programs
(Selected )

Some items are available in CoOL

"Copyright". Letter to the Editor, AIC Newsletter, 26(3): May 2001

"Getting Caught Up: Information Technology and Conservation", Conservation: The Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter, Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 2000 (Conservation at the Millennium, Part 2). A draft is available

Other Literatures: Thoughts on Peer Review, AIC Newsletter, 22(6): Nov 1997

"Application Development for the Conservation Lab," in Advances in Preservation and Access, Volume 2, 1995, edited by Barbra Buckner Higginbotham. Learned Information, Inc.., Medford, N.J.

"Islands in the Net: A Guide to the Internet", WAAC Newsletter, 14(3): September 1992

"Resizing Following Aqueous Treatment: Current American Practice" The Book and Paper Group Annual. Vol. 5, 1986.

"Sizing/Resizing" (compiler). The Paper Conservation Catalog. 5th edition. The American Institute for Conservation, Book and Paper Group, Washington, DC, 1988

PreNapp: Data entry and analysis software for the RLG Preservation Needs Assessment Package, 1991

TeasTime: A tool for formulating solvent blends using fractional solubility parameters. 1989

Randoms: A sampling tools for library surveys , 1991

RefoMadness: An application for management of preservation microfilming projects.

LabLog: A database system for conservation labs

Other writing

Outline for Flood Preparedness Exercise

Digital Archive Profiles

Teaching, Presentations, etc (selected)

SUL/AIR Institute for 21st century librarianship (2000) Presentation on Disaster preparedness and response, with Karen Nagy and Donald Intersimone. Presentation on Digital Preservation, with Deanna Marcum

SUL/AIR presentation on digital preservation to Delegation of Visiting Italian Librarians 1999, 2000

"Internet resources for the Conservation Professional", American Institute for Conservation Annual Meeting, Nashville, June 1994

"A Whirlwind Tour of the Internet", Western Association for Art Conservation Annual Meeting, Marshall, CA, Oct, 1993

"Sizing Following Aqueous Treatment: Current American Practice". AIC Book and Paper Group Sizing Seminar, June, 1985.

Recasing Workshop "Library Preservation: Fundamental Techniques" , sponsored by ALA and LC. Stanford University, August 26-30, 1985.

Work Experience

Assistant Conservator, Stanford University Libraries, December, 1988-1996. Single-item and collection oriented conservation treatment of library and archival materials, principally in Special Collections. Responsibility for disaster response, preservation surveys, computer applications, etc. Responsible for non-print materials, including sound recordings, photographic materials.

Conservation work at Stanford University Libraries from August, 1973-December, 1988. Although my title changed periodically, I was what would now be called a conservation technician working with both circulating collections and Special Collections materials. From April - December, 1979 I worked on the SUL Meyer Flood Restoration Project where I was in charge of repair operations for salvage of flood damaged materials.

More Other, Older and olderer

Programming languages

Current:Java (novice), Perl, Drools (novice)

Ancient: Borland/Turbo Pascal, Turbo Prolog, Dialexts of xbase (especially Force), Sbasic


B.A., English and General Literature, State University of New York at Binghamton, BA, 1973
Conservation Training under guidance of Don Etherington: August, 1979 - June, 1984
Private Studies in hand bookbinding and restoration under Don Glaister, August, 1979 - June, 1984

Continuing Education (selected)

Mellon intern, Folger Shakespeare Library, June - September, 1982
Kress Fellow, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, September-December, 1985
ALA/ALCTS. Regional Institute: The Magnetic Media Challenge. Long Beach, CA 1994
Getty Conservation Institute course: "Photographic Documentation for Conservation" December 7-11, 1987
Getty Conservation Institute course: "Preventive Care of Historic Photographs and Negatives II", March 15-19, 1993.
Getty Conservation Institute course: "Preventive Care of Historic Photographs and Negatives", October 17-21, 1988
Introduction to Medieval and Early Renaissance Bookbinding Structures, Rare Book School, University of Virginia, Summer 1995 European Bookbinding: 1500-1800, Rare Book School, Columbia University, Summer, 1991
Introduction to Descriptive Bibliography, Rare Book School, Columbia University, Summer, 1991, August, 1991


American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (Professional Associate)
Western Association for Art Conservation Board member (1994-95)
Bay Area Art Conservation Guild
Bibliographic Society of the University of Virginia


Honorary Membership, American Institute for Conservation, 2014.

Rutherford John Gettens Merit Award, American Institutefor Conservation, 2008

"Through this award and the other awards sponsored by AIC, AIC recognizes the value and importance of outstanding achievements and contributions to the field, not only by individuals within the field, but by organizations, institutions, and individuals who support our goals and collaborate with use to achieve our goals.

"The Rutherford John Gettens Award recognizes outstanding service to AIC. Any AIC member is eligible to receive this award.

Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award, ALCTS PARS, Jun 2007

" ... sponsored by Preservation Technologies, L. P., recognizes the contribution of a professional preservation specialist who has been active in the field of preservation and/or conservation for library and /or archival materials.

University Products Award, American Institute for Conservation, 1999

"Through this award and the other awards sponsored by AIC, AIC recognizes the value and importance of outstanding achievements and contributions to the field, not only by individuals within the field, but by organizations, institutions, and individuals who support our goals and collaborate with use to achieve our goals." "The University Products Award for Distinguished Achievement in conservation recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of conservation professionals who, through substantial efforts, have advanced the field of conservation and furthered the cause of conservation through public outreach and advocacy. ..."

Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources was awarded the Distinguished Award for Advancement of the Field of Conservation by The American Institute for Conservation of Historical and Artistic Works (AIC), 2004, partially in recognition of SUL/AIR's support of Conservation OnLine and the Conservation DistList

Resolution of Thanks. PLMS/ALCTS. Feb. 1994
Stanford University Library Council Distinguished Service Award, 1991.


Where I disappear to...
From February - Early Summer 1998, most of my attention was given over to recovery operations stemming from an El Niño related flood that affected approximately 80,000 books in our main library.

In December 1996, I left the Conservation Lab and moved in with the Preservation administrative group, working out of Meyer Library. My interests having taken me in several--often competing--directions, I have left the bench and am concentrating my efforts on matters of information management and general library preservation. Much of my time is absorbed by the administration of Conservation OnLine and it's various siblings. The rest of my time is spent dealing with general preservation issues, such as emergency preparedness.

From Dec 1994-Sept 1995. I worked in the Library Systems Office, helping develop capability for delivering library services via the Web. As part of that work, I wrote some HTML Training Material, including an HTML tutorial and a technical reference guide to the HTML 2.0 Document Type Definition (DTD), and related tools, among them an HTML validation-by-mail service. I was also the webmaster for SULAIR's first WWW server (Stanford Univ. Libraries and Academic Information Resources). Related projects involved setting up a Harvest server, and miscellaneous projects involving SGML including user/author training, various conversion projects involving OCLC's FRED, Omnimark, and probably several other tools I don't understand yet.

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