Big 11 Pilot Directory

Cornell University
Department of Preservation and Conservation

1. Administration

1.1 Preservation Program Director

John F. Dean, Director, Preservation and Conservation

1.2 Assistant (to) Director

Anne R. Kenney, Associate Director

1.3 Others

Mary Arsenault, Administrative Assistant

1.3 Others

Joan Brink, Conservation Liaison

A. Developing grant proposals?

sDirector, Associate Director, and Reformatting Librarian

B. PRESERV representative?

John F. Dean

C. Staff and user education?

Director, Associate Director, Conservators

D. Collection surveys?

Conservation Liaison

E. Furbishing?

Conservation Liaison

F. Environmental monitoring?

Conservation Liaison

G. Fumigation?

Book/Paper Conservators

H. Disaster preparedness?

Director, Associate Director, Reformatting Librarian, Conservators

I. Other?


2. Reformatting

2.1 Head of reformatting

Barbara Berger, Reformatting Librarian

A. Contract microfilm?

Reformatting Librarian

B. In-house film?


C. Contract preservation photocopy?

Brittle Books Coordinator

D. In-house preservation photocopy?

Brittle Books Coordinator

E. Contract photographic preservation?

Individual Curators

F. In-house photographic preservation?

Paper Conservator

G. Brittle-books replacement?

Brittle Books Coordinator

H. Digital imaging?

Associate Director

I. Other?


3. Physical Treatment

3.1 Head of physical treatment


A. Commercial binding processing?

Commercial Binding Processing Supervisor

B. Commercial binding contracts?


C. Book repair (i.e. levels 1 and 2 in ARL Statistics)?

Conservation Technician

D. Book conservation (i.e. level 3)?

Book Conservators

E. Contract book conservation?


F. Paper conservation?

Paper Conservator

G. Contract paper conservation?


H. Photographic conservation?

Paper Conservator

I. Contract photographic conservation?


J. Magnetic media (e.g. audi-materials)?


K. Contract magnetic media?


L. Preparation (i.e. pre-shelf process of paperbacks/pamphlets)?

Preservation Technician

M. Security marking (i.e. call numbers, bookplating)?

Head, Receiving and Physical Processing

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