Survey Results

Betty Fiske
Metropolitan Museum of Art Japanese Print Collection: Condition Survey, Computer Cataloging and Exhibition Concerns

Institute of Museum Services(IMS)
National Needs Assessment, Reed Public Policy, Inc., August 1992, Washington, DC

"This document contains data and results from IMS's 1992 National Needs Assessment survey of museums. The results include the best and most recent estimates for number of U.S. museums, and numerous other statistics on museums' demographics, activities, funding, and desired assistance. This on-line edition omits graphs, section numbers, table numbers, formatting and other elements of the original. The complete hard-copy edition is available as an appendix to Rebecca W. Danvers, National Needs Assessment of Small, Emerging, Minority and Rural Museums in the Unites States, A Report to Congress (Washington: Institute of Museum Services, 1992)."

Clara Keyes
Book Repair Survey--Circulating Collections, conducted March 1996, by means of the Conservation DistList

Erich Kesse
Survey of Micropublishers, A report to the ommission on Preservation and Access, October 1992

"This survey set out to construct a reliable instrument for comparison of the microfilm produced by four types of microfilm producers--learned societies and professional associations, commercial micropublishers, educational institutions, and government agencies--which fall into two categories: those for whom microfilming is a for-profit business, and those for whom it is not. This survey was designed on two key assumptions: first, that one can successfully predict microfilm quality from information supplied by the producer on how the microfilm is produced; and second, the production method of the microfilm is a more reliable predictor than its intended purpose in indicating the quality of the microfilm, and, consequently, in indicating whether it can be considered adequate as a preservation copy."

Amy Lubick
Conservation Treatment of Tracing Paper Survey Results

"A total of sixty-two surveys were mailed to paper conservators in the United States, Canada and Europe. The conservation literature on tracing paper was used to create the survey mailing list. Thirty-five responses were received as of December 28, 1998."

National Preservation Office (NPO)
Survey on Conservation of Asian Documents

"The information on this web site is the result of a year-long study project funded by the Research Support Libraries Programme (RSLP).

"The purpose of the study is to explore collaboratively ways of improving the preservation and conservation of Asian documents in the UK. The project is a first step in the formulation of a national strategy to preserve these collections for posterity and to ensure their long-term accessibility."

PLMS Task Force on Staffing Issues
Report on Staffing Issues in Preservation Programs, prepared for the PLMS Preservation Management Committee (PMC) by the Task Force on Staffing Issues, March, 1994

Research Library Group (RLG)
NY "Big Eleven" Library Preservation Pilot Directory Survey

A survey of preservation administrators in the Eleven Comprehensive Research Libraries of New York, was carried out by the Research Libraries Group (RLG) with the idea of building a national Directory. This project was abandoned, but the survey responses , which provide information on preservation programs in the Big 11, are presented here."

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