Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure

A Preliminary Draft of the Report of the Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights

Bruce A. Lehman, Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, Chair

Information Infrastructure Task Force

Ronald H. Brown, Secretary of Commerce, Chair
July 1994

I. Law
A. Copyright
1. Subject Matter and Scope of Protection
a. Eligibility for Protection
b. Published and Unpublished Works
c. Works Not Protected
d. Categories of Protectible Works
2. Copyright Ownership
a. Transfer of Ownership
b. Licensing
3. Term of Protection
4. Exclusive Rights
a. The Right to Reproduce the Work
b. The Right to Prepare Derivative Works
c. The Right to Distribute Copies
d. The Right to Perform the Work Publicly
e. The Right to Display the Work Publicly
5. Limitations on the Exclusive Rights
a. Fair Use
b. First Sale Doctrine
c. Library Exemptions
d. Educational Use Exemptions
e. Other Limitations
6. Copyright Infringement
a. General
b. Infringing Importation
c. Contributory and Vicarious Liability
d. Conflict of Laws
7. International Implications
a. Background
b. The International Framework
c. Copyright Harmonization
d. National Treatment
e. Private Copying Royalty Systems
f. Moral Rights
B. Patent
C. Trademark
II. Technology
A. Controlling Access to Protected Works
1. Controlling Access at the Server Level
2. Controlling Access at the File Level
B. Controlling Use of the Work
C. Authenticating the Work
D. Managing Rights in the Work
E. Development of Standards
III. Education
IV. Preliminary Findings and Recommendations
A. Law
1. Distribution by Transmission
a. The Distribution Right
b. Publication
c. First Sale Doctrine
d. Other Related Amendments
2. Technological Protection
3. Copyright Management Information
4. Public Performance Right
5. Fair Use
6. Licensing
7. International
B. Technology
C. Education


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