Heritage Emergency National Task Force Initiatives

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Alliance for Response
Alliance for Response is a national program on cultural heritage and disaster management. Through a series of local Forums, it builds bridges between the cultural heritage and emergency response communities before disasters happen.

Risk Evaluation and Planning Program
The Risk Evaluation and Planning Program was piloted in 2008-2009 to demonstrate whether a risk evaluation by a team of preservation and emergency professionals, supplemented by practical recommendations and resources, can lead to preparedness at cultural institutions. The project resulted in positive changes at participating museums, lessons for the cultural heritage field, and tools to enhance institutional risk assessment and emergency planning.

MayDay Logo Small MayDay is a national effort to set aside May 1 to do �one thing� to prepare for disasters. Archives, libraries, museums, and arts and historic preservation organizations across the nation participate in this event.

Getting Ready in Indian Country
Getting Ready in Indian Country is an invitation to consider emergency preparedness specifically for Native American interests. Developed with support from the National Park Service and the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance of the Department of the Interior, this new initiative is intended to advance emergency preparedness, stimulate discussion, and inspire new projects for the care and protection of tribal heritage.

Lessons Applied: Katrina and Cultural Heritage
Lessons Applied provides tools that address major issues, including preparedness and working with emergency responders, that came to light after Hurricane Katrina.

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Preparing to Preserve
By working together, emergency management and preservation professionals can protect the built environment, expedite recovery efforts, and ensure that historic landmarks survive disasters. Preparing to Preserve resources guide historic preservation and emergency management organizations in the integration of historic preservation concerns into emergency management systems, primarily at the state and local level.