Resources for Protecting and Saving
Family Treasures and Historic Properties

This page contains information and tools to help the general public prepare for and recover from disasters affecting their personal property. Topics include becoming familiar with possible hazards, preparing for an emergency, salvaging damaged property, and contacting the professionals.

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Learn What Risks Your Treasures Face

  • Declared Disasters by Year or State (FEMA)
    See what the history of natural disasters is in your state and find out if any disasters are currently declared.
  • Natural Hazards Gateway (US Geological Survey)
    Get information on the seven most common natural hazards in the US: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, volcanoes, and wildfires.

Protect Your Family Treasures

Find Professional Help

  • Find a Conservator
    Conservators can provide advice on how to safely store your family treasure or salvage it if damaged. The American Institute for Conservation maintains an online database of conservators. The database can be searched by state, region, and/or conservation specialty (i.e., paintings, photographs, books, furniture, textiles, and many others).
  • Regional conservation centers across the US offer 24-hour disaster assistance
  • For assistance with buildings and property:

Salvage Family Treasures

  • Save Your Treasures the Right Way (Heritage Preservation) (visit Web page or download 252 KB)
    Natural disasters can harm treasured possessions like photos and other keepsakes. Sometimes people discard family heirlooms that could have been saved or, lacking good advice, make the damage worse. This doesn't have to happen!
  • Save Family Treasures from Soot (Heritage Preservation) (visit Web page or download 160 KB)
    Cherished family heirlooms that survive a fire are often covered with soot and ash. Removing soot and ash requires prompt and gentle attention to avoid further damage.
  • Watch videos to learn techniques for dealing with water or soot damage:

Repair a Historic Property