playback 1996

March 29-30, 1996

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Session Transcripts

Dear Reader:

Due to unfortunate technical mishap, several portions of the Playback 1996 proceedings are not available in this format. (The missing segments are noted within the manuscript).

Please note that in the interest of presenting these transcripts on Conservation OnLine in as timely a manner as possible, we have not been able to formally ascertain the correct spellings for names of all people and machines mentioned in the discussions. We apologize for any error and appreciate any corrections you wish to send us via email: (attention Paige).

Day 1

Conference Welcome

Sally Fifer, Executive Director, Bay Area Video Coalition
Debbie Hess Norris, Board President, American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
Inge-Lise Eckmann, Vice Chairman, National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property

The Artist's Perspective

Robert Riley, Curator for Media Arts, SFMOMA
with Video Artists Mary Lucier, Philip Mallory Jones, Woody Vasulka and Bruce Yonemoto

Session 1-Analysis and Evaluation Procedures

Host: Barbara London, Museum Of Modern Art.

Presentation: Beni Matias, Center for Arts Criticism with Bruce Fellows, Engineering Consultant, and Rebecca Bachman, Walker Center for the Arts.

Session 2-Cleaning and Remastering

Presentation: Morrie Warshawski, Arts Consultant.

Video Screening introduction by Curator Chris Hill

Host: Karen Ishizuka, Japanese American National Museum

Session 3-Storage

Presentation: Dr. Peter Adelstein, Image Permanence Institute.

Session 4-Ethical Principles and Dilemmas

Presentation: Connie Brooks, Stanford University Libraries.

Text missing. Only end of presentation and Presentation Slidesavailable.

Day 2

Session 5-Changes in Technology and Practice

Presentation: Paul Messier, Boston Art Conservation
Host: Deirdre Boyle, Video Art Historian

Session 6-Maintaining Installation Art Using Technology

Presentation: Mark Roosa, Huntington Library.

Session 7-Current Preservation Practice. Promoting Awareness and Education

Presentation: Alan Lewis, National Archives and Records Administration.

(Session 8 not available)

International Panel

Host: Luke Hones, Bay Area Video Coalition

Carole Ann Klonarides, Media Arts Curator and Independent Video Producer
Evelyn Ioschpe, Executive Director, Fundação IOCHPE, São Paolo, Brasil
Christine Van Assche, Media Arts Curator, Centre d'Arte Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
Stephen Vitiello, Electronic Arts Intermix, New York

Wrap-up - Where do we go from here?

Group discussion with Stephen Gong, Associate Director, University Art Museum, University of California at Berkeley and Debbie Hess Norris, AIC.

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