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Press Release: AASLH and AIC Volunteer Recovery Teams

[Excerpt from press release]


September 20, 2005
For Immediate Release
Contacts: Terry Davis, AASLH President & CEO:
davis[at]aaslh[dot]org, 615-414-1476
Steven E. Shulman, HEART Project Director:
shulman[at]aaslh[dot]org, 571-241-6827

Volunteer Recovery Teams to Salvage Gulf Coast's Irreplaceable Historic

NASHVILLE-On Monday, September 19, a national volunteer team of history
experts organized by the American Association for State and Local History
(AASLH) in partnership with the American Institute of Conservation (AIC)
departed for the heavily damaged Gulf Coast states to help salvage
invaluable historical museum artifacts from the ravages of Hurricane
Katrina's aftermath.

....press release continues.

Thanks to Trudy O'Reilly for sending along this and other significant
information posted to NCEN

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