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Musical Instrument Conservation and Technology

MICAT-L ceased operation in 1995 and these archives are "frozen".



MICAT-L ceased operation in 1995 and these archives are "frozen". The following was the list description:

The Musical Instrument Conservation and Technology Distribution List, MICAT-L, is intended to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of joint interest to the fields of objects conservation and musical instrument technology.

Material concerning the theory and techniques of conservation, restoration, scientific examination, documentation, etc., which can be applied to musical instruments is suitable for posting to this list. Similarly appropriate is material concerning the history and technology of musical instruments, including their manufacture, which is of potential use in conservation and restoration. Contributions intended to establish contact within the professional community are also welcome.

The list is open to public subscription but its contents will be moderated. Material describing procedures which would imperil the safety of an object as judged in terms of accepted museum practice will be rejected, as will contributions of potential interest to musical instrument makers and musicians but which lack applicability to conservation or restoration. The degree of latitude applied to the latter consideration will depend on the volume of traffic otherwise produced by the list.

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