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Subject: WAAC Newsletter

WAAC Newsletter

From: Carolyn Tallent <newsletter<-at->
Date: Friday, July 12, 2013
This is the second group of back issues now available on the WAAC

They appear as PDF documents; you can read the entire issue or each
article as a separate pdf.  (You may observe that we have a new
policy of removing all contact information in the interests of
privacy.)  Hard copies are still available, and after we are caught
up we will return to the policy of waiting 6 months to post an issue
online, in deference to those who actually pay for the Newsletter.

In case you missed them in print, or just to remind you of the
terrific contributions we get, here is a list of the feature
articles from the newly posted issues.

    Volume 27, Number 1

        Vulpex spirit soap as a cleaning agent for painted surfaces

            Suzanne Ross and Alan Phenix

    Structural Fills: Preservation and Conservation in a Museum of
    Living Anthropology

            Tony R. Chavarria

    Volume 27, Number 3
    The Katrina recovery issue

        A Conservator's Very Basic Mold Primer

            Hilary Kaplan

        Excerpts from:  Disaster Preparedness Workbook for U.S. Navy
        Libraries and Archives

        Salvage Operations for Water Damaged Archival Collections:
        A Second Glance

            Betty Walsh

        Excerpts from:  Emergency Salvage Procedures for Wet Items
        Minnesota Historical Society

        Getting Ready to Respond, When Theory and Life Meet

            Jennifer Koerner

    Volume 28, Number 3

        Azeotropes from A to Z

            Chris Stavroudis

        Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks:  The Case of the RCA
        "Composition" Nipper

            Maria Valentina Sheets

        Book Review:Max Schweidler's The Restoration of Engravings,
        Drawings, Books, and Other Works on Paper translated by Roy

        Conference Review:   Modern Paints Uncovered

    Volume 29, Number 1

        Conductivity Probe Prototype:  Measuring Soluble Salt
        Content on Ancient Ceramics

            Lesley D. Frame, Iva Segalman, and Chris White

        Removal of Arsenic and Mercury Contamination from Materials
        using a Natural, Environmentally Benign Chemical

            Peggi Cross

    Volume 29, Number 2

        Generic Hydrocarbon Solvents: a Guide to Nomenclature

            Alan Phenix

        A New Approach to Cleaning Iron-Stained Marble Surfaces

            Matt Cushman and Richard Wolbers

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