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Subject: Publication from Conference: Climate for Collections

Publication from Conference: Climate for Collections

From: Jonathan Ashley-Smith <jashleysmith<-at->
Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Publication available for download
Climate for Collections: Standards and Uncertainties

The publication "Climate for Collections: Standards and
Uncertainties" is now available for free download. Just click on the
green paint tube at


or go directly to


The 35 papers in this volume investigate what is known and what is
not known about suitable environmental conditions for cultural
heritage collections. They present the most significant recent
research on this subject, informed by a major international
conference, held at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich from 7 to 9
November 2012. The volume is including following contributions:

    Allowable microclimatic variations in museums and historic
    buildings: reviewing the guidelines

        Lukasz Bratasz

    Towards a common understanding of standards?

        Jane Henderson and Shumeng Dai

    Conservation of cultural heritage:  European standards on the

        Jesper Stub Johnsen

    Collections demography: stakeholders' views on the lifetime of
    collections. Catherine Dillon, William Lindsay, Joel Taylor,
    Kalliopi Fouseki, Nancy Bell

        and Matija Strlic

    The limits of Garry Thomson's Museums Temperate Zone: can they
    be enlarged?

        Luis Efrem Elias Casanovas, Vasco Peixoto de Freitas,
        Claudia Ferreira and Silvia Oliveira Sequeira

    Acoustic emission monitoring: on the path to rational strategies
    for collection care

        Michale Lukomski, Janusz Czop, Marcin Strojecki and Lukasz

    How the usual museum climate recommendations endanger our
    cultural heritage

        Andreas Schulze

    Field-tested methodology for optimizing climate management

        Jeremy Linden, James M. Reilly and Peter Herzog

    Evaluation of different approaches of microclimate control in
    cultural heritage buildings

        Tor Brostrom, Tomas Vyhlidal, Goran Simeunovic, Poul Klenz
        Larsen and Pavel Zitek

    A critical look at the use of HVAC systems in the museum

        Edgar Neuhaus

    The role of historic house heating systems in collections
    climate control at the National Trust

        Nigel Blades, Hazel Jessep and Katy Lithgow

    A museum storage facility controlled by solar energy

        Morten Ryhl-Svendsen, Lars Aasbjerg Jensen, Poul Klenz
        Larsen, Benny Bohm and Tim Padfield

    Passively conditioned zero-energy storage for cultural
    properties and archival material

        Lars Klemm

    New meets old: the requirements and limits of new collection
    facilities at the Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin

        Peter Bartsch, Christiane Quaisser, Peter Giere, Arwid
        Theuer-Kock and Norbert Feck

    The use of underground structures as a solution towards
    sustainable museums in the Mediterranean basin

        Dimitrios Karolidis

    Sustainable climate control for art galleries? Experiences at
    Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery

        David Crombie, Chris Bailey, Bernard Connolly, Sonia Jones,
        Siobhan Watts and Sally Ann Yates

    Solutions for challenging buildings: Storage projects at the
    Science Museum

        Marta Leskard and Louisa Burden

    Learning from history. Historic indoor climate conditions and
    climate control strategies

        Melanie Eibl and Andreas Burmester

    From artwork to building preservation. Some considerations on
    the 'historical' indoor climate of Villa Reale in Milan

        Andrea Luciani, Carlo Manfredi, Davide Del Curto and Luca P.

    Uncertainties in the interaction between a canvas painting
    support and moisture

        Anna von Reden

    Monitoring complex objects in real display environments--how
    helpful is it?

        Naomi Luxford and David Thickett

    What real museum objects can teach us about the influence of
    climate conditions

        Paul van Duin

    The Oseberg ship. Long-term physical-mechanical monitoring in an
    uncontrolled relative humidity exhibition environment:
    Analytical results and hygromechanical modelling

        Paolo Dionisi-Vici, Ottaviano Allegretti, Susan Braovac,
        Guro Hjulstad, Maria Jensen and Elin Storbekk

    Comparison of indoor climate analysis according to current
    climate guidelines with the conservational investigation using
    the example of Linderhof Palace

        Kristina Holl

    Quantification, the link to relate climate-induced damage to
    indoor environments in historic buildings

        Charlotta Bylund Melin and Mattias Legner

    Development of damage functions for copper, silver and enamels
    on copper

        David Thickett, Rebecca Chisholm and Paul Lankester

    Delivering damage functions in enclosures

        Paul Lankester and David Thickett

    Stuffing everything we know about mechanical properties into one
    collection simulation

        Stefan Michalski

    Climate risk assessment in museums

        Marco Martens and Henk Schellen

    The use of computer simulation models to evaluate the risks of
    damage to objects exposed to varying indoor climate conditions
    in the past, present, and future

        Zara Huijbregts, Marco Martens, Jos van Schijndel and Henk

    The application of damage functions to future indoor climate

        Paul Lankester, Peter Brimblecombe and David Thickett

    Uncertainties in damage assessments of future indoor climates

        Gustaf Leijonhufvud, Erik Kjellstrom, Tor Brostrom, Jonathan
        Ashley-Smith and Dario Camuffo

    The influence of the museum environment in controlling insect

        Robert Child

    Inverse modeling of climate responses of monumental buildings

        Rick Kramer, Jos van Schijndel and Henk Schellen

    The moving fluctuation range:  a new analytical method for
    evaluation of climate fluctuations in historic buildings

        Stefan Bichlmair, Kristina Holl and Ralf Kilian

In addition, 20 posters displayed at the conference are available
for download.

A hard copy version of the book can be purchased from Archetype


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