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Subject: Publication: ICOM-CC Graphic Document Group Interim Meeting

Publication: ICOM-CC Graphic Document Group Interim Meeting

From: Lieve Watteeuw <lieve.watteeuw<-at->
Date: Monday, April 22, 2013
"Paper Conservation: Decisions and Compromises"
Extended Abstracts
Interim Meeting Graphic Document Working Group
Vienna April 2013
Edited by Lieve Watteeuw and Christa Hofmann


Table of Contents

    Lieve Watteeuw
    Introduction to the ICOM-CC Graphic Documents Working Group
    Interim Meeting
    Vienna 17-19 April 2013

    Dianne Lee van der Reyden
        New Trends in Preservation in the Digital Age: New Roles for

    Uta Landwehr
    Junko Sonderegger
        The Albums of Duke Charles de Cro: Consolidation and
        Modified Re-housing of Double-sided Miniatures on Parchment
        in Bound Volumes

    Doris St-Jacques
    Maria Bedynski
    Lynn Curry
    Season Tse
        A 1763 Illuminated Haggadah Manuscript: How Ineffective Past
        Treatments Resulted in an Antioxidant Research Project,
        Impacting Current Treatment Decisions

    Birgit Speta
        The Conservation of the Hussite Codex: Considerations on
        Minimal Intervention

    Lieve Watteeuw
        Books in Exhibitions: History and Adventures in Display

    Robert Fuchs
        Risk and Safety of Illuminated Manuscripts with Brittle
        Paint Layers: Can the Digital Scan Substitute Old
        Manuscripts? Are Old Choices of Conservation Reversible?

    Lynn B. Brostoff
    Sylvia Albro
    John Bertonaschi
        Integrating Analytical Tools in Treatment Decision-makink
        for a 1513 Hand-colored Ptolemy Geographia Atlas

    Christa Hofmann
    Andreas Hartl
    Kyujin Ahn
    Laura Volkel
    Ina Faber
    Antje Potthast
        Verdigris I: Compromises in conservation

    Kyujin Ahn
    Andreas hartl
    Christa Hofmann
    Ute Hennings
    Antje Potthast
        Verdigris 2: Wet Chemical Treatments which are not Easy to
        Decide and Apply

    Matija Strlic
    Catherine Dillon
    Nancy Bell
    Peter Brimblecombe
    Kalliopi Fouseki
    Jinghao Xue
    William Lindsay
    Eva Menart
    Carlota Grossi
    Kostas Ntanos
    Gerrit De Bruin
    David Thickett
    Fenella France
        Integrated Modelling: The Demography of Collections

    Jana Kolar
    Dusan Kolesa
    Gerrit de Bruin
        Characterisation of Historical Paper -Possibilities and

    Veronique Rouchon
    Eleonora Pellizzi
    Maroussia Duranton
        Study of Phytate Chelating Treatments Used on Iron Gall Ink
        Damaged Manuscripts

    Pnina Shor
    Lena Libman
    Tanya Bitler
    Tanya Treiger
    Practice and Progress in the Conservation, Preservation and
        Digitization of the Dead Sea Scrolls

    Jiri Vnouc
        The Language of Parchment -Learning the History of
        Manuscripts with the Help of Visual Assessment of the

    Paul Garside
    Barry Knight
        The Use of NIR Spectroscopy to Investigate the Condition of

    Linda Stiber Morenus
        Color Printing in 16-17th Century Italian Chiaroscuro
        Woodcuts: Degradation, Conservation Issues and Exhibition

    Hassan Ebeid
    Jean Brown
    Ysanne Holt
    Brian Singer
        A Study of Dyed Endpapers during Islamic Medieval Times in
        Egypt: Purpose, Materials and Techniques

    Aline Abreu Migon dos Santos
        Preservation of Architectural Drawings on Translucent Paper
        in Brazil: Conservation Methods in Public Institutions

    Irene Bruckle
    Maike Schmidt
    Eva Hummert
    Elisabeth Thobois
        Removable loss Integration in the Re -Treatment of Robert
        Delaunay's Three Graces, Study for "The City of Paris" at
        the Albertina, Vienna.

    Xing Kung Liao
    Fei Wen Tsai
        Simple yet Complicated: An Evaluation of Airbrush Technique,
        Applied to Filling Losses using Cellulose Powders

    Andreas Hartl
        Ronald by Franz West: Conservation of a Three -Dimensional
        and Painted Papier Mache Object

    Valentine Dubard
        The Restauration of Cartoons at the Department of Drawing
        and Prints in the Louvre

    Philip Meredith
    Tanya Uyeda
        To Remove or Retain? - Extensive Infills and Reworking in a
        Large -Scale Japanese Wall Painting

    Tilly Laaser
    Karolina Soppa
    Christoph Krekel
        The Migration of Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose During
        Consolidation of a Painted Wallpaper: A Case Study Using a
        Fluorescent-Labelled Consolidant

    Magdalena Grenda
        Ethical Considerations Concerning the Conservation and
        Restoration of a Herbarium from the 19th Century

    Rita Araujo
    Conceicao Casanova
    Maria Joao Melo
    Ana Lemos
    Vania S.F. Muralha
    Marcello Picollo
        Conservation of a Book of Hours from Mafra's National Palace
        Collection: Between Technique and Ethics

    Michael Wheeler
    Nicholas Barnard
    Karine Bovagnet
    Richard Mullholland
        The Conservation and Digitization of Jain Manuscripts at the
        Victoria and Albert Museum

    Guadalupe Pinar
    Katja Sterflinger
    Flavia Pinzari
        The Microflora Inhabiting Leonardo da Vinci's Self
        -Portrait: A Fungal Role in Foxing Spots

    Patricia Engel
    Katja Sterflinger
        Microorganisms in Books: First Results of the EU Project
        "Men and Books"

    Ewa Paul
    Anna Grzechnik
    Deconstructing the Reconstruction

    Marzenna Ciechanska
    Dorota Dzik Kruszelnicka
    Elzbieta Jezewska
    Joanna Kurkowska
        Conservator's Investigation of the Chinoiserie in the
        Wilanow Palace

    Grace Jan
    Xiangmei Gu
        A systematic Approach to Condition Assesment and Treatment
        of Chinese Handscrolls

    Christina Duffy
        Applications of Image Processing Software to Archival

    Christina Duffy
        Analysing Deterioration of Artifacts in Archival Material
        Using Multispectral Images

    Eve Menei
    Laurence Caylux
        Strategy in the Case of a Wrecked Papyrus: Is an
        Intervention Appropriate?

    Ana Margarida Silva
    Marcello Picollo
    Marcia Vilarigues
    Maria Joao Melo
        Fiber Optic Reflectance Spectroscopy (FORS): A Useful
        Technique for the Analysis of an Early 20th Century Livre

    Lieve Watteeuw
    Bruno Vandermeulen
    Jan Van der Stock
    Fred Truyen
    Marc Proesman
    Luc Van Gool
    Wim Moreau
        Imaging Characteristics of Graphic Materials with the
        Minidome (RICH) 136

    Yana van Dyke
        The Paper Conservator's Role: The Metropolitan Museum's
        Renovated Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey,
        Iran, Central Asia and later South Asia

    Paul Garside
    Rajabi Razak
        Characterising the Origin of Carbon Black Inks by ATR FTIR

    Marion Verborg
        A Technical Study and Conservation Project of Roy
        Lichtenstein's Screenprint on Plastic, Sandwich and Soda,

    Hsin-Chen Tsai
        Digitally Printed Paper Infills for Compensation as Applied
        to Japanese Decorative Fold -Dyed Papers


    Lieve Watteeuw
    ICOM-CC WG coordinator - Graphic Documents

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