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Subject: Storing candy

Storing candy

From: Jerry Shiner <info<-at->
Date: Monday, November 30, 2009
Lydia Egunnike <lydia.egunnike [at] slq__qld__gov__au> writes

>I have been asked by one of our collection managers how long boiled
>lollies (i.e rock candy) will last before deterioration occurs. Our
>repository runs at 21 deg.C, 50% RH. The lollies will remain in
>their original plastic bags and then sealed in a monitored anoxic
>enclosure (Cryovac/Ageless package). Does anyone have any data or
>experience with long term storage of this type of collection

The external humidity in the storage area will have no effect on the
lollies' condition if the barrier film used for the external package
is effective as both a moisture and oxygen barrier. It is important
to recognize that while foil-based and ceramic-based (eg ESCAL)
oxygen barrier films are also excellent moisture barriers, most
transparent oxygen barrier films are not. Cryovac makes many
different barrier films, so it is important to get the film's
performance data from the supplier.

Leaving the lollies to loiter in their original package within an
external anoxic package will not dramatically hinder the action of
the oxygen absorbers--the candy's package is likely quite permeable
and inadequately sealed. (If the package had been sealed, a single
pinhole would be adequate to eventually remove of all the oxygen.)

If a specific long-term humidity in the enclosed microclimate is
indicated by a boiled sugar storage expert, and if you are certain
your barrier envelope is impervious to moisture, you may wish to use
one of the RP System products to provide both oxygen-free and
controlled humidity conditions.  RP - A type will provide both
oxygen-free and dry conditions, while RP - K type is moisture
neutral, and can be used in combination a moisture buffer. Also note
that Ageless becomes ineffective in very dry conditions.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on these

Jerry Shiner
Keepsafe Microclimate Systems
416-703 4696
800-683 4696

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