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Subject: Conference on modern paper

Conference on modern paper

From: Rosanna Selvaggia Chiggiato <rochiggiato<-at->
Date: Monday, October 5, 2009
A Day Conference of Scientific Research on Modern Paper
Sala Consiliare Comunale
Municipio di Zero Branco (Tv), Italy
24 October 2009

The nineteenth century saw a revolution in the manufacture of paper
(from rags-gelatine to woodpulp-rosin), which lasted until years
40-50 of '900. Since then the ever increasing demand for paper
materials led to the development of additional media of various
compositions, whose knowledge is essential for the conservation and
restoration of modern document.

The chemical and instrumental analysis of modern paper poses
considerable diagnostic problems. The Fourier Transform Infrared
Spectroscopy (FTIR) is a technique easy to use and completely
non-destructive/intrusive which allows an initial screening of the
composition of modern paper documents and their degradation.

The degradation of paper documents occurs mostly through the
processes of acid hydrolysis and oxidation of cellulose. A promising
deacidification process is the treatment of paper using a colloidal
dispersion of nanoparticles. In this contribution we present the
preliminary results of a low-alkaline deacidification treatment
performed with calcium carbonate nanoparticles on modern papers of
different composition.

The modern paper is easily subject to degradation, and diagnostic
techniques and simulation developed in the past show today many
limitations. On the other hand, the possibilities provided by modern
Personal Computers allow a more detailed study of the causes,
mechanisms and degradation rates.

Biotic degradation of paper is a parallel component that works in
synergy with chemical degradation. Some recent important results
obtained in this field will be described, resulting in new
opportunities for study and research.

    "Mona By the Numbers" by H. Philip Peterson: the recovery of an
    Ascii deleted work

        ... We can exploit in some cases the digital photo
        restoration. Work in progress: analysis of the
        characteristics of a work on paper printed with a Calcomp
        1975 drum plotter.

    The Velinario of Thayaht: notes Ernesto Michahelles (1917-1926),
    known by his pseudonym Thayaht

        Characterization of papers and inks of Velinario with
        chemical and physical techniques (e.g., FTIR, SEM-EDS).

    Information Technology is supposed to contribute to preserve,
    protect and improve availability of documents, in form of
    "images" and "metadata". Solutions can be implemented, suitable
    to deal with antique documents as well.

    Analyzing a parish registries the following needs emerged in
    general terms:

         Preservation and protection of very old registries

         Retrieval and easy access of frequently consulted

         IT solution for current and future registrations

         Integrated solutions achieving broad utilization and
         justification could reach these three objectives

The Institute of the Protection of Graphic and Visual Arts (ITOG)
Via Cesare Battisti, 49/3
30035 Mirano (VE) Italy

Info: rochiggiato<-at->itog-ve<.>org

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