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Subject: AICCM National Conference--addendum

AICCM National Conference--addendum

From: Liz Wild <liz.wild>
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2007
AICCM 2007 National Conference
Brisbane, Australia
17-19 October 2007


    Towards a sustainable theory of conservation
        Eric Archer

    The corrosion of a World War One Maxim gun mount after 20 years
    on display
        George Bailey

    A new deal for Australian conservation training and employment?
        Veronica Bullock

    The conservation and display of comic books
        Alice Cannon

    More than meets the eye: utilising oral history to enhance our
    understanding of Hugh Ramsay's works and their history
        Alexandra Ellem

    Consolidation techniques for gelatin opalotypes
        Lydia Egunnike

    A study of the bark used as a substrate for Australian
    Aboriginal paintings
        Roger Heady, Kylie Roth, Nicola Smith

    Traction reaction: severe deterioration of household and paving
    paints used by Colin McCahon
        Sarah Hillary, Tom Learner, Rachel Rivenc

    A photographic method for documenting fluorescent paint
        Elizabeth Hinde, Petronella Nel, Robyn Sloggett and Ann

    Format improvements for archival document storage
        Darby Johns

    Management and conservation of the Mackenzie Collection at the
    National Museum of Australia: a traditional fluid preserved
    (wet) specimen collection in a modern museum
        Patrya Kay, Tessa Ivison

    Assessing food in the collection
        Laura Kennedy, Megan Jordan-Jones

    New analytical methods for the provenancing of red ochre
        Maria Kubik, D.Creagh, R.Tait

    New forms, new techniques: challenges of preserving digital
        Gerard Clifton, Somaya Langley

    Preliminary investigations into crystalline efflorescence on
    Australian and Indigenous paintings in the NGA and NGV
    collections--research in progress
        Deborah Lau, Kim Brunoro, Michael Varcoe-Cocks

    Examining the use of surfactants in the treatment of
    water-damaged black and white silver gelatin prints
        Julie McCarthy, Sarah Gubby

    Contemporary collection management in a state museum: relocation
    of collections, increased access and public engagement
        Ian MacLeod

    Beyond conservation: recreating historic costume for museum
        Michael Marendy

    Micro x-ray diffraction analysis of painted surfaces
        Petronella Nel, Deborah Lau, David Hay, Natasha Wright

    Analysis of adhesives used to repair archaeological pottery
        Petronella Nel, Deborah Lau, Pamela Hoobin, Carl Braybrook,
        James Mardel, Iko Burgar, Ming Chen, Peter Curtis, Cheryl

    Translating research into practice--evaluating the surface
    cleaning treatment of an acrylic emulsion painting by Jeremy
        Bronwyn Ormsby, Patricia Smithen, Tom Learner

    Environmental parameters for long-term collection preservation
    at the AWM
        Barbara Reeve, Dave Fitzgerald, Laura Kennedy

    Set in concrete? Conservation of Howard Taylor's Black Stump
        Vanessa Roth Wiggin and Seth Wiggin

    Using risk as a survey tool for the Foreign Ethnology Collection
    at the South Australian Museum
        Kristin Phillips, Anne Dineen, and Renita Ryan

    Treatment of wet archaeological organics from a Bronze Age site,
        Nicola Smith, Judith Andrewartha

    Between a rock and a hard place
        Kay Soderlund, Elizabeth Hadlow

    To capture time: a conservation approach
        Andrew Viduka, Vaimua Muliava

    Progress and potential: lasers for conservation in Australia
        Alison Wain, Deborah Lau

    Documentation of installation art at GoMA
        Liz Wild, Amanda Pagliarino


    A threat of PEST?--"Foodstuff" as components of installation art
    for a museum exhibition
        Angela YK Cheung, Evita S Yeung, Shing-wai Chan

    IPM risk assessment
        David Coxsedge

    Framing of the Assembly Hall series
        Belinda Gourley and Samantha Shellard

    The recovery of mould contaminated mammal specimens
        Melissa Gunter, Michelle Berry

    Design and manufacture of passive humidity controlled storage
        Dana Kahabka

    Conservation input for fabricating a contemporary artwork
        Wing-Fai Lai

    Gold or Black? The secret behind a Chinese wedding document
    (Study and treatment of a Chinese wedding document)
        Wing-Fai Lai and Man-Wai Tang

    The National Indigenous Art Triennial
        NGA Paper and Paintings Conservation

    On-site collections management: NIR characterisation and
    condition monitoring of modern textiles
        Emma Richardson, Graham Martin, Paul Wyeth

    Maya Blue in Cuba: physical and chemical characterisation of
    this pigment
        Miriem Santander Borrego, Manuel Rodriguez Valle

    Scientific analysis based on Amelia Pelaez' paintings from the
    collection of the National Fine Arts Museum of Cuba
        Miriem Santander Borrego, Ernesto Borrelli, Manuel Rodriguez

    No food in the library! Designing suitable storage enclosures
    for library collection items made from foodstuffs
        Rhiannon Walker, Shane Bell

Preprints will be included in the conference pack or can be
purchased after the conference.

More information about the conference and registration forms are
available at


Liz Wild
2007 National Conference Organising Committee.
Sculpture Conservator
Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art
PO Box 3686 South Brisbane
Queensland 4101
+61 7 3840 7291
Fax: +61 7 3844 8865

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