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Subject: Conference on printed media--addendum

Conference on printed media--addendum

From: Gillian Boal <gboal>
Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Revised conference programme for

    Printed on Paper Conference
    September 4-8, 2007

    3 September 2007

                    A selection of cultural tours of the region
                    offered by the National Tourist Board

4 September 2007

    2-5pm           Registration Sage Foyer

5 September 2007

    8-9:15am        Registration: Sage Foyer

    9:15-9:30       Welcome address
                    Professor Lynn Dobbs
                    Dean School of Arts and Social Sciences
                    Northumbria University

    9:30-10am       Sylvia Rogers Albro
                    Printed on Fabriano Paper
                    (Library of Congress)

    10-10:30am      Thomas Primeau
                    After Martin Schongauer: Engraving and Copying
                    Techniques of a Northern Renaissance Master and
                    his Followers
                    (The Baltimore Museum of Art)

    10:30-11am      Break

    11-11:30am      Marjorie Cohn,
                    Carl A. Weyerhaeuser and
                    Craigen Bowen

                    Durer's Meistertiche: The Other Side
                    (Harvard University Art Museum)

    11:30-12pm      Dr Margaret M. Smith
                    Mixing Media in the Earliest Printed Books
                    (University of Reading)

    12-2pm          Lunch served on the balcony

    2-2:30pm        Geoffrey Taylor
                    Out of the Cabinet and Into the Light: Artist's
                    Manuals and Architectural Treatises
                    (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    2:30-3pm        Helen Creasy,
                    Harry Metcalf, and
                    Natasha Trainor
                    History and Conservation of 'Kunya Quantu, a Map
                    of the Whole World' by Ferinand Verbiest, 1674
                    (Scottish Conservation Studio and the University
                    of Glasgow)

    3-3:30pm        Break

    3:30-4pm        Rauhidy Lombert
                    Maps of the Islands of Hispaniola
                    (HILAB, Dominican Republic)

    4-5pm           Roy Perkinson
                    Deceptive Repairs in Old Master Prints
                    (Boston Museum of Fine Art)

    6-8pm           Civic reception at the Sage

6 September 2007

    9-9:30am        Linda Stiber Morenus
                    Joseph Pennell and the Art of Transfer
                    Lithography: A Technical Study
                    (Library of Congress)

    9:30-10am       Erika Mosier
                    Odilon Redon's: The Temptation of Saint Anthony:
                    Transfer Lithography and Artist's Intent
                    (Museum of Modern Art, New York)

    10-10:30am      Break

    10:30-11am      Rachel Freeman
                    Mexican Broadside Print
                    (Art Institute of Chicago)

    11-11:30am      Paul Thirkell and
                    Victoria Hill
                    The Reproduction, Conservation and Creation of
                    Prints through the Collotype Printing Medium
                    (Centre for Fine Print Research University of
                    the West of England Bristol)

    11:30-12am      Verna Posever Curtis and
                    Sara Shpargel
                    Photographic and Printmaking Processes Combined:
                    Clarence H. White
                    (Library of Congress and National Archives and
                    Records Administration)

    12-2pm          Lunch served in the Barbour Room

    2-2:30pm        Wendy Wick Reaves
                    From Plate to Paper: Printed Portraiture in the
                    Daguerreian Age
                    (National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian

    2:30-3pm        Jane Colbourne
                    HyeJung Yum and Rachel Rivenc
                    Removal of Natural Varnish from Hand-coloured
                    (Northumbria University and the Getty Institute)

    3-3:30pm        Break

    3:30-4pm        Kimberley Schenck
                    The Lure of the Exotic: Asian
                    Paper in the Nineteenth-Century French Etching
                    (National Gallery of Art Washington)

    4-4:30          Andrea Wise and
                    David Wise
                    Conservation of Early Australian Colonial Prints
                    (National Gallery of Australia)

    4:30-5pm        Cyntia Karnes
                    Lights, Camera, Action:
                    Lithography in the Age of Silent Cinema
                    (Library of Congress)

                    Trade Fair Location: Barbour
                    Room--where refreshments and
                    lunch will also be served during
                    the day

    8-11pm          Conference reception:
                    Alnwick Garden Pavilion, Alnwick
                    Castle: The Seat of the Duke of
                    Northumberland. Transport to and
                    from venue provided.
                    Departure time 5pm

Friday 7
September 2007

    9-9:30am        Soyen Choi and
                    Corine Norman McHugh
                    History, Technique and Conservation: The Warhol
                    Mao Portfolio
                    (Conservation Centre for Art and Historic
                    Artifacts, Philadelphia)

    9:30-10am       Scott Gerson
                    Ellen Gallagher's 'Delux': The Materials and
                    Techniques of Contemporary Printmaking
                    (Museum of Modern Art New York)

    10-10:30am      Break

    10:30-11am      Joann Moser
                    Digital Deja' vu
                    (Smithsonian American Art Museum)

    11-11:30am      Rachel Mustalish
                    Variations on the Theme: Modern Manipulation of
                    Traditional Printmaking Techniques
                    (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

    11:30-12am      Anna Stenstrom
                    On the Surface: Micro-scale
                    Conservation:Techniques for Printed Ink on Paper
                    (New York Public Library)

    12-2pm          Lunch served on the Balcony

    2-2:30pm        Carinna Parraman
                    Drypoint to Inkjet: Documenting Prints at the
                    (Centre for Fine Print Research, University of
                    the West of England)

    2:30-3pm        Amy N. Worthen
                    Attention Shoppers! The Case of the Italian
                    Orange Wrappers
                    (Des Moines Art Center Iowa)

    3-3:30pm        Break

    3:30-4pm        Terry T. Schaeffer and
                    Charlotte Eng
                    Supports other than Paper: Light Induced Changes
                    in Media and Supports
                    (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

    4-4:30pm        Riikka Kuittinen
                    Mortality in Print: Death in Image and Material
                    (Victoria and Albert Museum)

    4:30-5pm        Concluding address: Eryl P.
                    Wentworth, Chairman, The
                    American Institute for
                    Conservation of Historic and
                    Artistic Works (provisional)

Saturday 8 September 2007

    Options for cultural tours supported by the National Trust and
    the Duke of Northumberland to include  Alnwick Castle,
    Wallington Hall and Cherryburn the ancestral home of the
    Printmaker Thomas Bewick

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