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Subject: Courses from International Academic Projects

Courses from International Academic Projects

From: James Black <info>
Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2000
There are still a few places on the courses listed below, so if you
are interested please let us know as soon as possible

    iap [at] archetype__co__uk
    +44 20 7380 0800)
    Fax: +44 20 7830 0500

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further
details on any of the courses. (See

Conservation and Preservation of Photographs
London, 18-20 July 2000

    This three day course covers photographic materials from the
    19th century to the present. Discussions cover the
    identification of different historical and contemporary
    processes, the chemistry involved in the original  processes and
    their subsequent deterioration. The problems and solutions
    associated with the preservation of collections in storage and
    display are considered. Interventive conservation methods
    discussed include: cleaning methods, wet and dry treatments,
    repair and mounting methods.

    Tutor: Susie Clark
    Fee: UKP245 / $405

Examination of the Cross-Sections of Paint Layers
London, 18-21 July 2000

    This four day course covers methods of preparation and
    examination of thick and thin cross-sections of paint layers
    from paintings, painted surfaces and objects. Discussions will
    focus on: sampling, use of the optical microscope, photography,
    staining and other analytical techniques for the identification
    of the media.

    Tutor: Nicholas Eastaugh
    Fee: UKP325 / $575

Identification of Plant Fibres
Durham, 24-26 July 2000

    Introductory work will consider the identification of plant
    materials by the evaluation of their microscopical
    characteristics and the structure of plants from which the
    fibres are obtained. Techniques used to prepare fibre samples
    will be practised. Methods for the identification of raw fibre
    and fibres in artifacts will be developed. The course is
    suitable for conservators in art and archeology, for those
    studying textiles or artists' canvases and forensic scientists.

    Tutor: Dorothy Catling
    Fee: UKP285 / $485

Identification of Wood
Durham, 17-21 July 2000

    Introductory talks cover the use of the microscope, the
    structure of plants and the identification of plant materials by
    the evaluation of their microscopical characteristics. Softwoods
    and hardwoods will be studied using the Princes Risborough keys
    for wood identification. Differences between trunk wood and root
    wood will be considered. Two days are devoted to the preparation
    and identification of collapsed/waterlogged wood, charcoal and
    veneers. The course is suitable for conservators in art and
    archeology, furniture restorers and forensic scientists. It is
    also a useful introduction to the identification of wood fibres
    in paper. The course will be held in the laboratory and will
    include a great deal of practical work.

    Tutors: Dorothy Catling and Rowena Gale
    Fee: UKP395 / $655

Metallography of Ancient Metals
London, 24-28 July 200

    An introductory laboratory course in the methods and techniques
    of metallography and the interpretation of macro- and
    micro-structures of metals and alloys. Participants will
    undertake the preparation and examination of modern standards
    and archaeological specimens composed of different alloys from
    sets specifically prepared for International Academic Projects.
    This course offers a rare opportunity to gain access to a very
    specialised area of knowledge.

    Tutor: David Scott
    Fee: UKP475 / $785

Drawing Archaeological Finds
London, 19-23 June 2000

    A practical drawing class where participants will learn
    techniques of drawing artifacts (flint, stone, pottery, bone,
    wood, textiles, metals, etc.); proper use of materials and
    equipment; techniques of enlargement and reduction; and
    presentation for publication. While this course will be
    particularly useful for those wishing to improve their
    technique, beginners will be most welcome.

    Tutor: Nick Griffiths
    Fee: UKP245 / $405

James Black
International Academic Projects
6 Fitzroy Square
London W1P 6DX
+44 207 380 0800
Fax +44 207 380 0500
IAP [at] academicprojects__co__uk

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