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Subject: ANSI update

ANSI update

From: Doug Nishimura <dwnpph>
Date: Tuesday, June 1, 1999
I missed writing an update from the November meeting last year so
this will incorporate the changes since last year.

The most significant change to ANSI committee IT9's work is that we
will no longer be producing ANSI standards. This is an attempt to
streamline the global process between ISO and ANSI. In the past,
standards were drafted by sub-committees or rewritten by a committee
member. Generally, if research was required such as in the creation
of a new standard, then the document was created by a sub-committee.
Currently there are five sub-committees:

    IT9-1: Wet-Processed Silver Images, is currently in hiatus.

    IT9-2: Stability of Black-and-White Photographic Paper.

    IT9-3: Methods for Measuring the Stability of Color Pictorial

    IT9-4: Digital Hardcopy for Medical Imaging.

    Joint Technical Commission AES SC 03/IT9-5: Stability of Optical
    and Magnetic Systems.

The initial drafts were discussed within the sub-committee until the
creation of the (potentially) final draft at which point it was
balloted by both the sub-committee and the IT9 committee. The
document was then past through several levels of ANSI administrative
approval as well as a 60 day public review period before being sent
for publication. ANSI might submit the document to ISO for approval
to become a new (or updated) standard or if the ANSI and ISO
documents are out of date, ISO might chose to create the next
updated version. ISO also requires many administrative steps as well
as technical ballots before a document is published as an ISO
standard. In order to keep the documents parallel, ANSI then ballots
to adopt the ISO standard as an updated ANSI standard.

As most of you have heard, ANSI started out being further ahead than
other countries' standards groups so ANSI documents were used to
create ISO standards in the area of stability and physical
properties of photographic materials. Over the years, committee IT9
has chosen to accept membership at the sub-committee and committee
level from the international community thereby literally bringing
the world's experts in right from the draft stage thus further
facilitating the adoption of standards in ISO. (The ISO members from
the major imaging countries (Germany, England, Switzerland, Japan,
US, etc.) were involved in creating the document so technical
balloting is more or less is a formality.)

What will happen now is that ANSI and ISO balloting will be done in
parallel so that approval from both groups will be taken care of
together. The equivalent ISO group is Technical Committee 42 (TC42),
Working Group 5 (WG5). The document will then continue through the
ISO administrative approvals and finally will be published as an ISO

The ISO numbering system was a concern to the ANSI group since ISO
numbers standards consecutively regardless of the nature of the
standard. This makes it very hard to find the standard of interest.
Dr. Peter Adelstein, the chair of both ANSI IT9 and WG5 lobbied on
behalf of IT9 to get a block of numbers reserved for the IT9
standards. ISO was good enough to reserve a block of 75 numbers for
these standards.

The new ISO numbering system for our standards will be 189XX. Those
of you who use a single vertical line as a "one" only have to change
the "T" (in IT9) to an "8". This means that ANSI/NAPM IT9.17 for the
determination of residual thiosulfate will become ISO 18917. As new
standards are approved with the new ISO numbers, ANSI will withdraw
the old ANSI documents.

The standards are on a five year review cycle. Documents will only
get a new ISO number either after the review or if a technical
change has been made to a document. This means that ANSI standards
just published will not change for at least 1.5 years (time enough
to make technical changes), but no later than 5 years (plus time for
administrative work--probably closer to 6 years.) The other obvious
problem is that for the next five years, there will be three
numbering systems in use: ANSI IT9.XX, consecutively numbered ISO
standards (the old system), and the new ISO 189XX system.

Things will go much more smoothly once the change period is over.

                        Status of Standards
                        ------ -- ---------

ISO has 3 levels of ballots that concern us:

    Committee Draft (CD)
    Draft International Standard (DIS)
    Final Draft International Standard (FDIS)

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.1-1996
    Imaging Materials--Processed Silver-Gelatin Type Black-and-White
    Film--Specifications for Stability
    ISO 10602-1995

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard.

    ANSI/PIMA IT9.2-1998
    Imaging Materials--Photographic Processed Films, Plates, and
    Papers--Filing Enclosures and Storage Containers
        ISO 10214:1991 (R1996)

    The ANSI standard was published in June 1998. DIS ballot went
    out to ISO so watch for ISO 18902 to replace ISO

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.3-1997
    Imaging Materials--Film and Papers--Determination of Dimensional
    ISO 6221:1996

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.4-1992
    Imaging Materials--Processed Films--Method for Determining
    ISO 5769:1984(R1994)

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard. ISO 5769 is at the 5 year review cycle
    and will be redesignated as ISO 18904.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.5-1996
    Imaging Materials--Ammonia-Processed Diazo Photographic
    Film--Specifications for Stability
    ISO 8225:1995

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.6-1991 (R1996)
    Imaging Materials--Photographic Films--Specifications for Safety
    ISO 543:1990(R1995)

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.7-1993
    Photography--Photographic Films and Papers--Wedge Test for
    ISO 6077:1993(R1998)

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard. The ANSI document has passed its 5 year
    review cycle and it will simply be sent to ISO. The new ISO
    number will be ISO 18907.


    ANSI/NAPM IT9.8-1989(R1994)
    Imaging Materials--Photographic Film--Determination of FOlding
    ISO 8776:1988(R1998)

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard. The ANSI document has passed its 5 year
    review cycle and will be sent to ISO. The new ISO number will be

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.9-1996
    Imaging Materials--Stability of Color Photographic
    Images--Methods for Measuring.
    ISO 10977:1993

    The ISO standard is currently being revised to incorporate the
    changes made in ANSI IT9.9-1996 as well as to add information
    about combining light and dark stability to produce "real-life
    predictions." A committee draft (CD) is being prepared so the
    ISO standard is still in the early stages of preparation. When
    it has completed the FDIS balloting it will be published as ISO
    18909 and the IT9.9-1996 will be withdrawn.

    ANSI/PIMA IT9.10-1996
    Imaging Materials--Photographic Film and Paper--Determination of
    ISO 4330:1994

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard. ISO 4330 is at the end of the 5 year
    review cycle. The new ISO number will be 18910.

    ANSI/PIMA IT9.11-1998
    Imaging Media--Processed Safety Photographic Films--Storage
    ISO 5466:1996

    The ANSI document was published in January 1999 and is currently
    available from ANSI. ISO has sent out the DIS ballot and the new
    ISO standard should be published as ISO 18911.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.12-1995
    Imaging Materials--Processed Vesicular Photographic
    Film--Specifications for Stability
    ISO 9718:1995

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.13-1996
    Imaging Materials--Glossary of Terms Pertaining to Stability
    No ISO equivalent.

    ISO is considering the development of an equivalent standard.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.4-1992(R1997)
    Imaging Materials--Photographic Films and Papers--Method for
    Determining the Resistance of Photographic Emulsions to Wet
    No ISO equivalent.

    ISO is considering the development of an equivalent standard.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.15-1997
    Imaging Materials--Method for the Evaluation of the
    Effectiveness of Chemical Conversion of Silver Images Against
    ISO 12206:1995

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.16-1993
    Imaging Media--Photographic Activity Test
    ISO 14523:1999

    The ANSI 5 year review cycle was overdue for this standard. It
    was turned over to ISO rather than creating a new ANSI document.
    Here is a case of unfortunate timing. The document passed the
    FDIS ballot and it was passed on to publication before ANSI got
    in the formal request for the new number. This means that we are
    stuck with ISO 14523:1999 for a few years. IT9.16 will be
    withdrawn in the near future.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.17-1993
    Photography--Determination of Residual Thiosulfate and Other
    Related Chemicals in Processed Photographic Materials--Methods
    Using Iodine-Amylose, Methylene Blue and Silver Sulfide.
    ISO 417:1993

    Joint ANSI/ISO standard. The 5 year review cycle for ANSI is
    overdue. An FDIS has apparently gone out. The ANSI document has
    been withdrawn and is no longer available. A request was made to
    ISO to change the FDIS number to 18917 so that the new ISO
    standard will be ISO 18917 rather than 417.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.18-1996
    Imaging Materials--Processed Photographic Plates--Storage
    ISO 3897:1997

    ISO DIS ballots were sent out and the newest version of this
    standard should be published as ISO 18919 soon at which time
    IT9.18 will be withdrawn.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.19-1994
    Imaging Media (Film)--Thermally Processed Silver
    Microfilm--Specifications for Stability
    No ISO equivalent.

    This document was originally submitted to ISO as 14806, but a
    request was made to change it to the new number, ISO 18919. This
    document will be published under the new ISO number and IT9.19
    will be withdrawn.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.20-1996
    Imaging Materials--Reflection Prints--Storage Practices
    ISO 60151:1997

    ISO DIS ballot has been sent out and the new ISO standard should
    be published as ISO 18920 at which time IT9.20 will be

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.21-1996
    Life Expectancy of Compact Discs (CD-ROM)--Method for
    Estimating, Based on Effects of Temperature and Relative
    No ISO equivalent.

    ISO DIS ballot completed under new number. This document should
    be published as ISO 18921:1999 in the near future at which time
    IT9.21 will be withdrawn.

    ANSI/NAPM IT9.22-1996
    Imaging Materials--Processed Photographic Films--Method for
    Determining Scratch Resistance
    No equivalent ISO standard.

    ISO is considering the development of an equivalent standard.

    ANSI/PIMA IT9.23-1998
    Imaging Materials--Polyester Base Magnetic Tape--Storage
    No ISO equivalent.

    Published in January 1999 and currently available. DIS ballot
    completed. There is apparently some discussion between PIMA and
    ISO about definitions that is holding-up the FDIS ballot. This
    should be resolved soon and the standard should be published as
    ISO 18923 in the near future at which time IT9.23 will be


    ANSI/PIMA IT9.24-1997
    Imaging Materials--Arrhenius-Type Predictions--Test Method
    No equivalent ISO standard.

    FDIS ballot in preparation. This standard should be published as
    ISO 18924 in the near future at which time IT9.24 will be

    ANSI/PIMA IT9.25-1998
    Imaging Materials--Optical Disc Media--Storage
    No ISO standard.

    ANSI standard published July 1998.  ISO CD 16611 (to be changed
    to 18925) currently in preparation. Hopefully this document will
    be available in the next year or so as ISO 18925 at which time
    IT9.25 will be withdrawn.

    ANSI/PIMA IT9.26-1997
    Imaging Materials--Life Expectancy of Magneto-Optic (MO)
    Disks--Method for Estimating, Based on Effects of Temperature
    and Relative Humidity
    No ISO equivalent.

    ISO CD is in preparation. This document will be published as ISO
    18926 at which time IT9.26 will be withdrawn.

    ANSI/PIMA IT9.27
    Imaging Materials--Life Expectancy of Information Stored in
    Recordable Compact Disc Systems--Method for Estimating, Based on
    Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity
    No ISO equivalent.

    The ANSI document is currently out for public review. The ISO CD
    has been completed (but not balloted) as CD 18927. Possibly
    within a year this will be published as ISO 18927.

    ANSI/NAPM TR1-1995
    Imaging Media--Humidity Measurement and Control in Photographic
    No equivalent ISO document.

    PIMA is looking into whether this should be submitted as an ISO
    report or recommended practice. This document no longer seems to
    exist in the ANSI on-line catalog, although we have not
    withdrawn it.

    Imaging Materials--Protocols for Outdoor Weathering Experiments
    No ISO equivalent document.

    This new technical report has passed IT9 balloting and will need
    to go through several levels of administrative ballots as well
    as public review. It has also been submitted as a new work item
    to ISO.

This is rather a long posting, but I decided that it was time to
mention all of the standards and technical reports that IT9 is
responsible for, something that I haven't done before.

Image Permanence Institute

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