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Subject: Survey on repetitive strain injuries in libraries

Survey on repetitive strain injuries in libraries

From: Kathy Gaul <libgaul>
Date: Sunday, March 21, 1999
I'm doing a research project on library employees who develop
Repetitive Strain Injuries (also known as Repetitive Motion
Injuries, Overuse Injuries, or Cumulative Trauma Injuries) such as
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis, or Tennis Elbow.  Art
conservators may find the results interesting, because I'm finding
that a number of the people who get these problems do not work with
computers on the job at all, or very little.  Rather, their daily
activities lie in other fields--Preservation and Mending among

    **** Moderator's comments: Please respond directly to the


Position Title:
Years in Current Job:
What is your primary duty on the job:
__Preservation Activities    __Circulation Activities
__Mending Activities         __Reserve Activities
__Binding Activities         __Other (Please state)

Secondary activities: (Please give a brief statement if you wish)

Does your job involve:
__Repetitive motions       __Awkward posture
__Unvarying work position  __Application of force
__Awkward positioning of objects (such as books)

Does the repetitive motion involve your:
__Fingers __Hands __Wrists __Elbows

Does the awkward posture involve your:
__Fingers __Hands __Wrists __Elbows

Does the unvarying work position last:
__1-2 hrs. __3-4 hrs. __Longer (Please state)

Do you use application of force on the job:
__Infrequently __Occasionally __Sometimes __Frequently

If you use application of force on the job, are you:
__Holding an object  __Holding a tool
__Lifting an object  __Pushing down on a tool
__Pushing down on an object

Does the awkward positioning of objects involve your:
  __Fingers              __Wrist
    __Spread               __Bent towards palm
    __Bent                 __Bent back towards arm
    __Trigger Movement     __Bent sideways toward thumb
                           __Bent sideways toward little finger
  __Forearm                  __Elbow
    __Turning so palm is up    __Turning so palm is up
    __Turning so palm is down  __Turning so palm is down

Do you ever use a computer on the job?  If so, approximately how much
over the course of a week?
__1 hr. or less __3 hrs. or less __6 hrs. or less
__8 hrs. or more __Half time

Have you noticed in your:
__Thumbs   __Hands   __Forearms
__Fingers  __Wrists  __Elbows
any of the following:
__Sharp pain  __Dull pain  __Tingling sensation
__Gripping difficulty  __Twisting difficulty
__Lifting/holding difficulty  __Numbness
__Proneness towards dropping things
does it occur:
__During repetitive activities at work
__Continuously at work  __Later after work
__During the middle of the night, waking you up

What kind of work activity do you think caused the problem(s)?

Have you ever been diagnosed by a doctor with some form of
Repetitive Motion Injury/Cumulative Trauma Disorder?  __Yes __No

If so, please name it:
What kind of treatment occurred?

Are there any comments you wish to make on this form about your

Kathy Gaul, Preservation Librarian
Indiana State University
Cunningham Memorial Library
Terre Haute, IN  47809

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