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Subject: Update on South Florida

Update on South Florida

From: Erich Kesse <erikess>
Date: Wednesday, September 2, 1992
  Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1992 14:10:42 EDT
  Sender: flipper [at] nervm__bitnet
  From: John DePew <depew [at] lis__fsu__edu>
  Subject: South Florida hurricane damage

  The Florida Library Association and State Library of Florida
  September 1, 1992

  Up-Date 2: Hurricane Andrew Effects on Florida Libraries and Requests
  for Assistance

  This is the second up-date provided in the continuing effort to
  apprise the library community of the status [of] South East Florida
  libraries in the destructive wake of Hurricane Andrew.  Information
  provided in the announcement of August 28 has been up-dated with new
  information received, other reports are reprinted to provide a
  complete description.

  Key Point:  It appears all substantial library damage in Florida was
  limited to Dade County, particularly the southeast area from Kendall
  to Homestead.

  The severity of destruction and disruption of communication and
  society severely limit libraries' efforts at assessing damage to
  facilities and collections and the impact on library staff and their
  families.  as communications are restored over the next few days a
  clearer picture will become available.

  The purpose of this report is to provide the library community with
  currently available information and communicate requests for
  assistance from affected libraries of all types as they are made
  known. Information presented here is word of mouth and should not be
  construed as official statements from the library agencies described.
  When official statements describing damages, requests for assistance,
  or other information are received, they will be distributed.  Affected
  libraries are encouraged to issue official statements as soon as
  preliminary assessments are complete.


  Keep Telephone Calls to Dade County to a Minimum -- For the next few
  days, try to keep telephone calls to Dade County to a minimum to
  reduce the burden on the severely stressed telephone system and to
  allow library staff to direct undivided attention to damage assessment
  and restoration of facilities and services.

  Interlibrary Loan -- For the next few weeks avoid placing requests to
  Dade County libraries.

  Assistance Activities -- We are only aware of requests for assistance
  from Dade County Public Library but assume other Dade libraries may
  issue requests.  Please respond to requests for financial assistance
  as quickly as possible but wait at least two weeks before responding
  to Dade County's request for donated children's books (see request

  At this point it seems advisable not to send books or other materials
  until affected libraries can inform the library community of their
  specific needs and provide mailing instructions.

  Nationwide Response -- Numerous offers of assistance have been
  communicated to the State Library of Florida from around the nation.
  These offers will be communicated to libraries in need.

  Dade county Public Library System -- Based on description provided by
  Director Ron Kozlowski. (up-dated 8/31/92)

  Request for Assistance

  2. Assistance in replacing Library Equipment and Furnishings -- Cash
  donations in the form of checks payable to Miami-Dade Public Library
  System should be mailed to the main library to assist in replacement
  of destroyed equipment after September 14, 1992.

  Monroe County Public Library System -- According to reports from
  Director Mary Quinn, public libraries appear to have escaped damage.
  several are without power or are not operating air conditioning to
  conserve electricity. Mary reports that all public library staff are
  safe and well. (8/31/92)

  Collier County Public LIbrary -- Director Robert Demarest reports no
  significant public library damage.  The Marco Island Branch Library
  sustained minor water damage to carpet and several newly planted trees
  at the new Naples main library were pushed over by winds. (8/25/92)

  Broward County Libraries -- It is our understanding that there was
  little or o damage to libraries in Broward County.

  Public School damage In Dade County -- According to Sandra Ulm, State
  of Florida School Library Media administrator, 30 Dade County public
  schools have been determined unusable and an estimated 140 sustained
  damage.  In Broward County several schools are still in use as
  shelters and discussions of double sessions are underway to assist
  Dade County public schools.  An estimated 2,700 public school
  employees are homeless.  The status of school media facilities and
  collections is not known. (8/31/92)

  Seminole Tribe of Florida LIbrary -- Director Norman Tribbett reports
  no substantial damage.

  Dade Correctional Institution Library -- Based on a report from Allen
  Overstreet, the institution will probably be vacant for over a year
  due to damages.  No information is available regarding library damage.

  DADE COUNTY ACADEMIC LIBRARIES -- These accounts based on
  communication received from Elizabeth Curry, Director, South East
  Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN)

  Barry University Library -- Elizabeth Curry informs us there are
  reports of no major damage.

  Florida International University -- Based on August 28, 1992 report
  from David Heissner, of the University of Miami through Peggy Walker
  of Florida Atlantic University.

    Library sustained some water damage, particularly in the reserve

    FIU North is OK.  FIU-UP has damage but has not had the manpower to
    do assessment campus-wide yet.

    Elizabeth Curry informs us that FIU intends to open for students on
    September 14, 1992.  (8/31/92)

  Miami-Dade Community College -- Doug Lehman called Ms. Curry with the
  following report (8/31/92).  Elizabeth Curry informs us the college
  intends to open for students on September 14, 1992.

    North, Wolfson and Medical Campus Libraries -- No major damage.
    South Campus Library -- Probably OK. Homestead Campus Library --
    Since the library is housed in a heavily constructed former bank
    building, damage appears minor.  The campus generally sustained
    heavy damage.

  To receive or provide additional information contact the State Library
  of Florida at (904) 487-2651, SUNCOM 277-2651, FAX (904) 488-2746

  -- End of Up-Date 2

  The following update was received from the State Library of Florida
  on September 3, 1992.

  September 3, 1992

  Hurricane Andrew Effects on Florida Libraries and Requests for

  This is the third up-date provided in the continuing effort to apprise
  the library community of the status of South East Florida libraries
  and to communicate requests for assistance.  At this point, ten days
  after Hurricane Andrew struck, preliminary assessment of library
  damage appears complete though final reports will not be available for
  some time.

  Reports have been received from most larger institutions in Southeast
  Dade County, the area most affected.  According to reports received,
  the most severe damage was to Miami-Dade Public Library and Miami
  Public Schools, including media centers (see below).  Academic
  institutions in the area did not receive substantial damage (see
  previous release).  However it is still possible that there are
  damaged libraries from which reports have not been received.


    Limit Telephone Calls to Dade County -- It appears telephone
    communications are being restored in Dade County though you may
    experience difficulty in reaching specific institutions.

    Interlibrary Loan -- For the next two weeks avoid placing requests
    to Dade County libraries.  For Miami-Dade Public Library, please do
    not return interlibrary loan material until after September 8, 1992.

    Assistance Activities -- Requests for financial assistance from Dade
    County Public Library, Florida International University Library, and
    Miami Public Schools are included below.  Additional requests will
    be reported as received.

    Please do not send library materials to affected libraries unless in
    response to published requests or without first coordinating
    donations with libraries.

  Nationwide Response

    Numerous offers of assistance have been received by Miami-Dade
    Public Library from individuals, organizations, and publishers.
    Assistance offers communicated to the State Library of Florida will
    be communicated to libraries in need.

  Message from Anne Williams, Florida Library Association President
  [Originally sent August 28, 1992]

    We have all witnessed the horrible devastations visited on South
    Florida by Hurricane Andrew.  Now we are learning of the suffering
    of librarians and their families and libraries. On behalf of the
    Florida Library Association (FLA) I urge association members and the
    entire library community to respond -- and respond strongly -- to
    the request for help presented below.

    FLA, in cooperation with he Southeast Florida Library Information
    Network (SEFLIN) and the State Library of Florida, will do all in
    its power to inform the library community of the status of libraries
    in affected Dade County and to mobilize resources whenever and
    however possible.

    Please join us in this effort.

    Anne Williams, President Florida Library Association

  Up-dated Miami-Dade Press Release of September 1, 1992

   Preliminary  estimates indicate Hurricane Andrew's devastating winds
   and rains caused $20.4 million in damage to the 31- branch Miami-Dade
   Public Library Public Library System.  Four libraries suffered the
   most severe damage form the storm and will remain closed

   As of September 1st, twenty-three branches, including the Main
   Library, are open and operational.  Six of those libraries are being
   utilized as food collection sites for Dade County's relief efforts.

   South Dade and West Kendall Regional libraries, two of the four
   regional libraries in the Library System, suffered heavy damage and
   will require extensive repairs.  The worst hit was South Dade
   Regional, which lost a large section of the room and most of its
   windows, causing irreparable damage to the collection.  Structural
   damage includes missing walls and fallen ceiling tiles.  West Kendall
   Regional, the newest regional library in the system - and the busiest
   - suffered water damage to the collection, furniture and equipment as
   a result of roof damage.  There are reports that the military will
   utilize the South Dade Regional for six months to a year once that
   facility is sufficiently repaired.

   The Homestead and Coral Reef branches will also remain closed until
   repairs to the buildings are completed.  Windows and doors were blown
   out of the facilities, causing water damage. Additionally, looters
   ransacked the Coral Reef branch and several other branches
   immediately after the storm, causing the loss of valuable equipment.
   Four other libraries are temporarily closed while minor repairs to
   the buildings are completed.

   The Library System has indefinitely suspended fines for overdue
   books.  Patrons have been asked not to return wet or damaged books to
   book drops.  Bookmobile service has been discontinued until further
   notice, and reduced library hours have been temporarily instituted.

   In an effort to help library employees affected by Hurricane Andrew,
   the Library System is implementing a systemwide food and clothing
   drive.  At least sixty-eight employees' homes were destroyed or are
   uninhabitable; most of their belongings were lost; many other will
   require major repairs to their houses.  The whereabouts of three
   library employees is still unknown.  An emergency babysitting service
   has been established at the West Dade Regional Library for those
   library employees who need temporary babysitting services as a result
   of the disaster.  Cash donations to meet the basic needs of affected
   library personnel are being accepted by the Miami-Dade Public Library
   System's Staff Association. Donations may be made to the Friends of
   the Miami-Dade Public Library, Inc. to offset the cost of replacing
   the damaged collection and equipment.

   The Library System's storytellers, "imagination factory." will be
   providing outreach entertainment at several emergency relief
   shelters.  Non-essential library employees are being re-assigned to
   county-wide emergency duties which may include traffic control,
   distribution of food and medical supplies, rumor control and clean-up


    Hilda Fernandez
    Public Information Officer
    (305) 375-5180


   Miami-Dade County Public Library System

    1.   Assistance to Staff Members Who Have Lost Their Homes -- Cash
    donations in the form of checks payable to Miami-Dade Public Library
    Staff Association should be mailed care of the main library (address
    below) to assist library staff whose homes were destroyed or
    seriously damaged by the storm.

    2.   Assistance in Replacing Library Equipment and Furnishings --
    Cash donations in the form of checks payable to Friends of the
    Miami-Dade Public Library System and noted "Hurricane Disaster"
    should be mailed to the main library to assist in replacement of
    destroyed equipment after September 14, 1992.

    3.   Library Materials -- Initially Children's books were requested
    for damaged libraries and residents of storm damaged areas.  Those
    children's books already collected should be shipped to the Main
    Library after October 1.  Due to concern that staff will be
    overwhelmed with materials of limited value, materials should not be
    sent unless in response to a published appeal.  Publishers or others
    offering new or clearly collection appropriate materials should
    contact the library before sending them.

      Miami-Dade Public Library System
      Disaster Assistance
      101 West Flagler Street
      Miami, Florida 33130-1523

  Dade County Public Schools

    Dade County Public schools suffered severe damage with, according to
    Sandra Ulm, State of Florida School Library Media Administrator,
    approximately 35 schools destroyed or unusable.

    In Dade and Broward Counties, several schools are still in use as
    shelters.  An estimated 2,700 school staff members homes were
    destroyed or are uninhabitable.  Presumably damage to school media
    facilities and materials at the severely hit schools is total or
    substantial though specific assessments are still not available.

    A relief fund has been established to assist the system in
    recovering and donations can be designated for library materials.
    Make checks payable to "Dade Public Schools Hurricane Fund," not
    "School Library Materials" and mail to:

      Dade Public Schools Hurricane Fund
      c/o Superintendent of Schools
      1450 N.E. 2nd Avenue
      Miami, Florida 33132

    Please do not send books or other materials until officials publish
    a request.

  Florida International University (FIU)

    According to Director of Libraries Dr. Laurence Miller, FIU
    libraries suffered only modest damage but seven library staff
    members' homes were destroyed or are uninhabitable.  Those wishing
    to assist those staff members should send checks made to "FIU
    Foundation/Libraries" and specify "Library Staff Aid Fund" and mail
    checks to:

      Dr. Laurence Miller
      Florida International University
      University Park Library
      Tamiami Trail
      Miami, Florida 33199

    To receive or provide additional Information Contact the State
    Library of Florida at (904) 487-2651
    Suncom 277-2651
    Fax (904) 488-2746.

  --End of Up-date 3

  John N. DePew
  School of Library & Information Studies R106
  Florida State University
  Tallahassee, FL 32306-2048
  voice: (904) 644-8113
  fax:   (904) 644-9763

Erich J. Kesse
Preservation Office
University of Florida Libraries
Fax: 904-392-7251

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