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Subject: Administrivia


From: Walter Henry <whenry>
Date: Saturday, June 20, 1992
As most of you know, at the end of each yearly DistList cycle, the
year's mailings are compiled into one or two large files and are no
longer available as single items.  If you would like to receive the new
files, send a brief message to consdist-request [at] lindy__stanford__edu

 Filename:      Year5-1.dst
 Formal Name:   Year5-1.dst
 Description:   Yearly compilation of Cons DistList
 Author:        na
 Source:        na
 Local name:    na
 Size:          475168
 Subjects:      18th century papermaking
                AAT\GCI thesaurus
                AIC Computer Users Group program
                ALA Midwinter announcements
                ALA RLMS meeting
                Agenda for the Library Binding Discussion Group
                Air handling system
                Air quality
                Air quality -- Dust
                Appointment at Huntington Library
                Arrest in library
                Audiovisual Archives Proceedings published
                Bar code specifications
                Book drops
                Book repair video
                Bookbinding equipment wanted
                Building air quality
                CD test method
                CD-rom longevity
                Chicago Floods
                Cigarette smoke
                Classes on books
                Collections conservation meeting
                Color microforms
                Compact shelving
                Conference on book history
                Conference on electronic preservation
                ConsDir update utility
                Conservation environments reception
                Digital imaging
                Disaster plans for rare books/photos
                Disaster workshop
                Eccentric books
                Effect of light pens on microfilm
                Flammable film
                Funding for preservation
                Glue machines and rollers
                ICI Award winners
                Intra-library shipping
                Inventory control
                Kenny's Bookshop
                Labels for microfilm boxes
                Library binding styles
                Loose materials in periodicals
                Marking CD's
                Marking microfilm
                Massachusetts Preservation Agenda
                Microfiche storage
                Microfilm box labels
                Microfilm spots
                Microfilming on location
                Museum bulletin board
                National Cooperative Information Project
                New RLG Preservation Microfilming Handbook
                New Usenet newsgroup
                New files in FileList
                New list
                Odor removal
                On-site preservation microfilming
                PVA health hazards
                PVA odors
                Painting simulation
                Paper and Book Intensive 1992
                Paper conservator on TV
                Phased preservation
                Photo preservation seminar
                Photocopying replacement pages
                Physics and math preprints server
                Portable air filtration devices
                Position at Archives Assn. of B.C.
                Position at Princeton
                Position at SUNY Albany
                Positions at Columbia University Libraries
                Presentation on dangerous materials
                Preservation Management Institute
                Preservation event at Indiana
                Preservation information in library catalogs
                Preservation microfilming workshop
                Preserving books with Jell-O
                Production statistics
                Proprietary solvents
                RBMS Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
                RBMS Preconference
                RLG preservation needs assessment
                Radon levels in paper
                Rare book survey
                Recycled paper
                Recycling CD-roms
                Recycling microforms
                Relief maps
                Resource allocation
                Rosenbach Lectures in Bibliography
                SMPTE conference proceedings
                Security strips
                Seeking used audio equipment
                Seminar on Special Collections cataloging
                Shrink wrap for transit
                Shrink wrap for transport
                Solvents for epoxy
                Sound recording study reprinted
                Survey data needed
                Talk on conservation
                Terminology: lining
                Terminology: soapstone, steatite, talc
                Terminology: wrappers, limp bindings
                Testing for UV Light filtering
                Theses and dissertations
                Tipping in bookplates
                Training in basic conservation treatment
                Treatment documentation
                Ultraviolet filtering window glass
                Vacuum cleaners
                Vacuum pumps
                Wet dry vacuums
                Workshop on exhibit techniques
 Formal Date:   Sat  06-20-1992
 Last Revision: Sat  06-20-1992

 Filename:      Year5-2.dst
 Formal Name:   Year5-2.dst
 Description:   Yearly compilation of Cons DistList
 Author:        na
 Source:        na
 Local name:    na
 Size:          335602
 Subjects:      A well-intentioned repair
                AIC Lost and Found
                ALA Preservation Policy Report
                ALA schedule update
                ALA collection development meeting
                ALCTS meeting schedule
                ARL directory
                Acrylic coatings
                Ammonium hydroxide
                Archival filming
                Archival microfilming standards
                Argon gas
                Argon gas and albumen photographs
                Argon gas and photographic processes
                Audio tape preservation
                Audiotape equipment/standards
                Binding for library catalog
                Bleaching and redevelopment
                Book course
                CD labelling problem
                CIC mass deacidification activities
                Channel binding
                Colored acid free bond papers
                Columbia program move
                Common Peroxide-Forming Chemicals
                Conference announcement
                Conference on magnetic media
                Constructing a fumigation chamber
                Contact print papers
                Copy negatives
                Copying photographs
                Course: The Collection and the Indoor Environment
                Curators and Conservators Discussion Group
                Diethylaminoethanol in steam
                Digital scanning
                Disaster recovery
                Documentation systems
                Dried adhesive
                Dust cloths
                Environmental controls
                Enzyme citation
                Exhibition policies
                Final reports (polysulfide and safety film)
                Fire suppressants
                Fire suppression
                Fog machines
                Fuji microfilm
                Glass plate negative housing
                Glass plate negatives
                Great Wall of China
                Hand scanners
                Hazardous materials
                Heavy use adhesive
                Hot melt glues
                How to send mail to CIN
                Hygrothermograph chart stock offered
                Image processing software
                Institute of Paper Science and Technology
                Internship at Cornell
                Invisible ink
                LAPNet workshop
                LC mass deacidification RFP
                LIRT preservation education session
                Lab design
                Laser printer cartridges
                Library Binding Discussion Group program at ALA
                Liquid-gate printing
                Liquid-gate printing of glass negatives
                MARABU retouching paints
                Marking CD's
                Material hazards
                Materials for a book container
                Mellon internship available at Stanford
                Microfilm storage
                Microfilm cleaners
                Microfilm quality control reports
                Microfilm readers
                Microfilming bitmaps
                Microwave fumigation
                Mineral light
                Mold and color slides
                NISO annual meeting announcement
                NOTIS Preservation Interest Group agenda
                Neutral glassine
                New A/F pam binders
                New Ilford film
                New lists
                New RLG publication
                New Wilhelm book
                New files in FileList
                New list
                Notch binding
                Notis PIG
                OCLC News
                PLMS Chair
                PLMS agenda
                POST-IT notes
                Pamphlet staplers
                Perfume damage to paper
                Permanence of color photocopies
                Permanent file folder labels
                Photo identification
                Photograph identification
                Plastic microfilm reels
                Position at Georgetown University
                Position at Huntington
                Position at Penn State University
                Position at RLG
                Position at University of Delaware
                Position for Book Conservator
                Preservation tools from Columbia
                Problem with negative enclosures
                Queues and cataloging for microfilm
                RLG news
                RLMS/PLMS meeting schedule
                Readex microprint
                Reagents on manuscripts
                Recycled paper
                Reddish photo id
                Removing adhesives
                Report on RBMS
                Research award
                SAA mass deacidification session
                SAA mass deacidification session change
                Sheet music
                Soy ink
                Specification for mylar welder
                Stability of videotape and optical disks
                Stamping inks
                Tests for "lignin-free" materials
                The Book Machine
                Time capsules
                UV meters
                UV monitors
                Ultraviolet radiation tests
                Update on Akzo trip
                Video and film recording lights
                Video on bibliographic format
                Wax paper
                Workshop on Environment and Construction
 Formal Date:   Sat  06-20-1992
 Last Revision: Sat  06-20-1992

                   Conservation DistList Instance 6:5
                   Distributed: Monday, June 22, 1992
                        Message Id: cdl-6-5-007
Received on Saturday, 20 June, 1992

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