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Subject: Barcode specifications

Barcode specifications

From: Jan Merrill-Oldham <hbladm18>
Date: Monday, February 3, 1992
Several months ago I made a request over the distlist for specifications
for bar codes.  I didn't hear from anyone, and am asking again to make
absolutely sure that we actually have nothing.  I had a couple of LC
specs in my files, which I ran by Ken Harris.  He wasn't sure of their
origin or of their validity.  I edited them slightly:

*Bar Code Labels:  Composition*

    Labels shall be made from white pigmented polyester or white litho
    destructive paper with a clear covering film of polyester
    teraphthalate or polypropylene.  Polyester teraphthalate laminate
    labels may be used with an acrylic or silicone adhesive;
    polypropylene laminate labels may be used with silicone adhesive

    The reverse sides of labels shall be treated with acrylic or
    silicone heat-sensitive adhesive.

*Bar Code Labels--Performance*

    After 100 cycles performed in accordance with the Taber Abrasion
    Resistance Test, bar code labels must be machine readable.

    After 60 days of accelerated aging at 90 degrees Centigrade and 50%
    relative humidity, bar code labels--applied to the various cloth and
    paper substrates, coated and uncoated, commonly used as book
    covering materials--must be machine readable.  Labels must not
    blister, ooze adhesive, or fall off; and the color of the adhesive
    must not transfer to the various substrates.

I have some real problems with putting these specs forward for bidding.
What, for example, does "may be used with" mean in the first paragraph
of the "Composition" section?  That polyester teraphthalate shall be
laminated to the substrate using acrylic or silicone adhesive; or that
where polyester teraphthalate is part of the laminate, acrylic or
silicone can be used as the adhesive applied to the "reverse side" of
the label?  (In any case, what is polyester teraphthalate?  Isn't
polyester the common name for polyethylene teraphthalate?) Are white
pigmented polyester and white litho destructive paper the only
acceptable carriers?  What is white litho destructive paper?  What is
silicone heat-sensitive adhesive in this context?  One that has to be
set with heat (as do Se-Lin labels)?

Since we're applying bar codes to everything in sight, I hope that
collectively we can justify the above specs, turn up better ones, or
very quickly turn our attention to encouraging very focussed research in
this area.

Will cumulate and share all responses over the list.

Jan Merrill-Oldham, Preservation, Connecticut

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