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Subject: Network resources

Network resources

From: Walter Henry <whenry>
Date: Sunday, April 9, 1989
As I new feature of this list, I am hoping to keep you informed
about new mailing lists and other network resources.  Although these
do not deal specifically with conservation, some may be of some
interest to those of us who work in libraries. Others may be of
general interest.  If you find these announcements useless, let me
know and I'll cut it out.  BTW: The text of these announcements is
lifted from other mailing lists, usenet newsgroups, etc.  Because of
widespread anonymous cross-quoting it will usually not be possible
to attribute the text to its authors.

    1) Chem-talk
    Contact: Dr. Manus Monroe, Chemistry Department, Marin Community College

    Purpose: As chemists, dialogue and conversation with other
    scientists are essential to stimulating or provoking new ideas.
    As teachers and researchers, we can find the demands of our
    profession extensive, which may lead to a reduction in our
    ability to keep abreast of new data and changes in theories.
    Sometimes, conversation helps to clarify articles, illuminate
    new perceptions of theories, and sustain us through our
    precarious journey in chemistry.  A solution to this problem or
    concern is the creation of efficient communication network using
    this mailing list.

        **** Moderator's comments:   This mailing list is run on the
    uucp network which is made up of unix systems.  Sending mail to
    uucp sites can be a little tricky so you may want to ask your
    local systems people how to get to Dr. Monroe.

    2) MLA-L@IUBVM  - Music Library Association

    Indiana University is  now hosting a mail  distribution service
    for the Music Library Association on  a trial basis.   The name
    is MLA-L.

    We intend that  the list be used for various  activities of MLA
    that   can  benefit   by  wide-scale   distribution  (such   as
    announcements of deadlines for NOTES  and the Newsletter,  news
    items, general inquiries about MLA activities, etc.).  The list
    could also be used for reference inquiries, and other topics of
    interest to the music library community.

    The list will  initially be limited to  mail distribution.   No
    archives  will  be  maintained   and  no  file/document  server
    capability will be  utilized (these additional features  may be
    considered at a later time).

        **** Moderator's comments: To sign up for this list send
        a message to listserv@iubvm, reading
            sub mla-l Your RealName

    3) SHAKER@UKCC  - Shakers Study List

    This interest  group is  for those  interested in  the history,
    culture,  artifacts,   and beliefs of  the Shakers  (The United
    Society of Believers).  Discussions will cover a broad range of
    subject matter including, but not limited to:  social analysis,
    history,  shaker women's studies,  antiques and furniture,  and

        **** Moderator's comments: To sign up for this list send
        a message to listserv@ukcc, reading
            sub shaker Your RealName

    4) OASIS
       **** Moderator's comments:   Lifted from Netmonth (July)
       Author: Adalma K. Stephens Educational Computing Network of
       Illinois XAKS@ECNCDC

   [A Project of the Illinois Educational Consortium]

   OASIS is a catalog of microcomputer  software suited for use in
   higher education.   Faculty can use  it for planning curricula;
   students will find  software to supplement their  courses,  and
   staff will find  it helpful to identify  software for research.
   OASIS  is  operated  by  Adalma K.   Stevens  at  the  Illinois
   Educational Computing Network.   There is no charge to software
   publishers for information maintained on the OASIS database.

   OASIS  is interactive;   customized searches  may be  conducted
   using  up to  16 criteria,   such as  package name,   category,
   machine requirements, pricing,  and publisher name and address.
   Entries consist of a concise description, review citations, and
   data that  is important  in determining  the value  of software
   products.   All  information on  software products  is obtained
   from publishers or developers.  The information is verified for
   accuracy  prior to  being listed  on OASIS.    The database  is
   updated and expanded with new entries on a weekly schedule.

   OASIS is  accessible through a server  on BITNET,  a  toll free
   number in Illinois (800/552-8699),  on  the ISAAC network (only
   the IBM PC  compatible software portion of OASIS  is on ISAAC),
   and  through laboratory  terminals that  are  connected to  the
   Illinois Educational Computing Network.

   You can send commands to the OASIS server at the BITNET address
   OASIS@ECNCDC in the text/body of a mail (the "Subject:" line is
   ignored)  or in the text of an interactive message.   The valid
   commands are:


   returns a brief list of OASIS server commands.

   INFO <commandcriteriaALL>

   returns information  on an  OASIS command  or a  search command
   criteria.  ALL returns all of the information topics as well as a
   description of the OASIS project.

   SEARCH criteria=value <; criteria=value>

   initiates  a  search of  the  OASIS  database by  the  criteria
   specified. You must specify a value for each criterion in which
   you  are interested.    All criteria  and their  values may  be
   abbreviated to  the least  number of  characters which  make it

   The  software  packages listed  in  this  database are  not  an
   endorsement of their usefulness, and we make no warranty of any
   kind with regard to this written material.

   For more information on the OASIS Project, please contact:

   Ms. Adalma K. Stevens, Project Director
   OASIS Project
   2040 Hill Meadows Drive, Suite B
   Springfield, Illinois 62702
   217/782-6392    BITNET: XAKS@ECNCDC    FAX: 217/524-7741

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