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Subject: Equipment and supplies

Equipment and supplies

From: Walter Henry <xb.k98<-a>
Date: Monday, June 13, 1988
    **** Moderator's comments:     (sorry, Im at home right now, so no
    catalog numbers tonight: phone, if desired)

1) listen to dan. he know.

Lights: are those quartz halogens?  if not, they sound dramatically
overpriced.  Suggest you make sure the instruments you get can easily
take barn doors and filter frames; one of the biggest problems Ive had
has been the difficulty of *reducing* the light enough to open up the
aperture (yeah, you can filter the lens, but...) Meter: Ive been really
delighted with my minolta (about $300). In any case, make sure you get a
flat disc diffuser in addition to the bulb.

2) Board shears / Paper cutters: the small Kutrimmers are pretty  nice
but the board shears are pigs.  Our 44 inch is currently taken apart and
sitting in deepest storage because its so useless (wont cut square for
more than about two feet, wont cut polyester without a secondary
support, etc). Jacques is still in business, but last I heard were
churning out units with *wooden* beds. Used units are still frequently
available from printing equipment houses (if you cant find anything, let
me know and Ill get you the name of a guy hereabouts [or maybe I wont
because we re looking for one too :-)  ].  btw: once and for all, how is
it pronounced Jakes or Jacks?

3) Mackenzie-Harris in SF has nice 'junk' type and stuffs (Im  assuming
youre not after brass) at good prices (btw, youll need to make friends
with a printer, if you dont want to buy your own slug cutter).  Gane
Bros and Lane (south san francisco) has nice cheapo type cases (4
drawers, about $50). as for fonts, forget it.  all type is ugly on
books. someone, I forget who, was designing a (family of?) binders type;
anyone know what happened to that?

4) Microscope: Ive been happy enough with my B*L StereoZoom, because its
modular as all hell (you can mix and match stands,  eyepieces,
illuminators etc very easily).  the only thing I blew badly was not
holding out for fiber optics. worth their weight in photons.

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