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Re: [AV Media Matters] The FILE is the thing ! Was -DigitizingAudio and Video

Richard & Jim Lindner

We agree about treating video as Files.  Any comments about Serial ATA?

I agree that we are in an in-between period.  I recommend that archives
off any plans for migrating until we get a clearer picture of the
possible media.  I suggest that archives request funding for converting
all audio 
and video material to digital.  A small but expandable robotic system is

ideal.  I believe Jim Lindner knows of a robotic system that meets this

The reasons I like Hard Disk Drives for archiving video is their high 
density, low cost and the absense of interchange problems that plague
videotapes and 
optical discs.  As I have said before, the issue of obsolence can be
by assigning three computers to the archive and NEVER upgrade the

Jim Wheeler

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