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Re: [AV Media Matters] Digitizing Audio and Video-ReallyBigPost


I felt the same way about Hard Disk Drives a couple of years ago.  Last
I discovered that they can be dropped from several feet and still be
although I'm not going to try the test on my HDD.

The problem with videotape is that the machines that can record
video cost over $60,000 and the tape is expensive.  That fact has caused
me to 
shift to HDDs and DataTapes.

HDDs can store as much as 320 GB on a single disk and DataTapes can
store as 
much as 200 GB.  NTSC video (plus audio) requires about 128 GB for a one
NTSC TV program.

I have always recommended that archives maintain two copies of all of
material because no high-density media is totally foolproof.  Whether or
the two copies are the same or a different format/media is a seperate

Jim Wheeler

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