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Re: [AV Media Matters] Archiving

Actually, that was an April Fool's Day broadcast by NPR about new, breathtaking preservation efforts being undertaken by LC.  Caught a few
people by surprise.
Watch out for those people, they do it every year and always catch someone.  Like many of us in Boston a while ago when it was announced on
NPR that the Boston Celtics (soft C)had voted to change their name to
the Boston (K)eltics.
Allan Goodrich/Boston
>>> markp@waveworks.net 04/12/03 14:23 PM >>>
        I was talking to some folks around here today and heard this

The National Archives has started archiving all of it's audio collection
78 rpm shellac audio disks!  2 1/2 minutes per side.  It will take about
years to complete!
        I'm stunned!   Can this be true?   If so, that's a LOT of

Mark P.

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Moderators Comment:
No that is not true.


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