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Re: [AV Media Matters] Deterioration of Acetate TAPES and FILM

Speaking from personal experience, I have one open reel tape that was made
for me by someone on what was probably an excess tape. The box said 3M, but
I am not sure that it was actually 3M tape or what it was made of. I do not
know the age or under what storage conditions it existed in prior to my

One day I opened the tape and was met with the aroma of vinegar. The tape
had dried out and was exhibiting some dishing similar to degrading film. I
immediately made a transfer.

Joe Salerno
Video Works! Is it working for you?
PO Box 273405 - Houston TX 77277-3405
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>We are wondering if there is any significant degradation of acetate audio
>tapes from "vinegar syndrome" in any archive? And, if so, what are the
>storage conditions both physical and climatic?

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