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RE: [AV Media Matters] Magnetic fields

I should clarify the difference between electric fields and magnetic
fields. All transmitting antennas emit both a magnetic field and an
electric field. The magnetic component drops off very fast.  As I
recall, above about 100 MHz it is nearly undetectable at 30 feet.
Radar operates well above 100 MHz.

In my opinion, if the electric field cannot light up a florescent
light, then the magnetic field is not large enough to be a problem.

I was a high power transmitter technician in the Air Force and we
liked to play with florescent lights.  I worked with 50,000 watt
transmtters that would vaporize a human who touched the antenna.  I
was involved in an accident that nearly vaprized me and I still have
a nervous shake as a result.  It was an unreal experience.

Jim Wheeler

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