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Re: [AV Media Matters] CD-R compatibility with various CD burners

 Hi Robert!  I'm afraid I don't have a plethora of CD-R knowledge,
 but I can tell you that I have the HHB CDR-850.  I've owned it for
 2 years with zero problems on any discs, except for those with
 inherent defects in which the media were unusable in any machine.
 There was one instance of an interchange problem between a
 computer-based CD-RW burner and my stand-alone; still, that's not
 bad for 2 years.  I believe that Pioneer is the OEM for many of
 HHB's CD-R's.  I hope that sheds a little light.

 Dan DElia@msn.com

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 From: Robert Brian Levy
 Sent: Friday,  May 18, 2001 1:01 AM
 To: AV Media Matters
 Subject: [AV Media  Matters] CD-R compatibility with various CD burners

 Hello fellow archivists somewhat adrift in the uncertain waters of
 digitalpossibility, etc.: I wanted to ask for some recommendations
 from people who unlike myself areusing CD Testers.  At Kiwat
 Hasinay we don't yet have grant monies topurchase a tester, but
 plan to, as per advice of a few participants onthese lists.  In the
 meantime, could I please get some recommendations forwhich
 _specific_ CD burners seem to perform best with which blankmedia.
 Right now we are using only Kodak gold (and soon, due
 todiscontinued supplies, gold-silver, as discussed a few months ago
 on thislist) CD-R's, using computer grade ones, and also Consumer
 Audio ones.  We use a Plextor 8x4x32 internal ATAPI burner for our
 computer grade burns,and also make use of a Harmon Kardon CDR-2
 stand-alone burner (which doesCDR duplications at 1 or 2 or 4x
 speed) for consumer audio media.  As I understand it, there is no
 archival difference that anyone has mentioned on this list between
 computer-grade and consumer audio media. However, in light of a
 recent posting or two, I am re-assessing the issue of which media
 to use in which burner.  Should we switch to Mitsui golds or any
 other brand, given the equipment we currently own? We hope to buy a
 professional burner, a stand alone, such as the HHB CDR800
 mentioned some months ago on the list, but still lack funds for
 that, and for a CD Tester.  If anyone would like to briefly mention
 CD Testers again, I am wondering whether a stand-alone tester such
 as one available from CD Associates.com would be as effective as
 the full computer system CD tester also available.  I understand
 that once we buy one of those, we get into the whole arena of what
 is the acceptable number of errors before needing to migrate one's
 information to avoid complete digital drop-out/disc frisbeehood.
 Thanks to you, the more technically saavy out there who hopefully
 can putup with my more layman's approach to trying to understand
 these issues, and take fitting action in light of what I am
 learning. Please share any recommendations you may have with us. We
 really appreciate the help.

 Brian Levy

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