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[AV Media Matters] DVDR Media Types

OK - I have one.....
There are two DVD-R Media Types out there now. Not all vendors make both
types. One type is known as "Authoring" type media which does not have
the encryption - the other is "General Purpose" which does. The
difference in media cost is substantial - as in at least $20 a piece (or
300%!!). The new Superdrives do NOT record the "Authoring" media (I have
been told). The expensive Pioneer 201 Drive will record the Authoring
media - it is unclear to me whether it will also record the General
Purpose (I have not tried that yet).

So here is the question. Other then making the already incredibly
confusing issues of DVD yet more confusing (DVD-Rom, DVD-Ram, the
different capacities and layers) for regular people - what exactly IS
the difference between these two media types other then the cost and the
encryption capability? Is there really any difference here - and if
there is - is there any reason to think that one would have better
longevity then the other?

Your (still) confused moderator.

James Lindner

General Manager VidiPax Division
VidiPax - The Magnetic Media Restoration Company

Executive Vice-President
Loudeye Technologies

450 West 31 Street
New York, N.Y.  10001
212-563-1999 ext. 102

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