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[AV Media Matters] DVD's successor

An article under this title is on Page 35 of
the May Pop Sci.

It says that, "the next generation in
recording technology is only a few years away.  Holographic data storage,
developed by Longmont, Colorado based InPhase Technologies promises dramatic
improvements in storage capacity and transfer rates," etc.

Though we have been led down this path of primroses
before, this present idea has been in the wind for some time now.  There
may actually be some substance here.  I'll be doing more

If this has any reasonable viability, the path some
seem to be taking toward very large computer memories as the storage medium may
be ill-advised.

InPhase assumes the use of a 5.25" disc. The
size of the disc imposes capacity limitations that may
be artificial except for the comfort of
it being a present "standard."  Even so, it anticipates it will hold more
than 400 GB of data.

Does anyone know how much space an
uncompressed hour of US videotape requires?  How much a similar length
of uncompressed 35mm color film?  How long does a long but not ridiculously
long film actually run?  It seems to me we should now be thinking from the
top down and establish a measure to guide future developments, this process
or the next.  A film or video equivalent to the Beethoven 9th,
used during the design of the CD, should be established before things
become frozen.

Steven Smolian
301-694-5134Smolian Sound Studios

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