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Re: [AV Media Matters] Saving the folk heritage


Thank you for posting your "Folk Missle".

Regards CD-Rs.  Many of the blank CDs are coming from China and are poor
quality.  My friends who burn CDs professionally prefer the Mitsui Gold.
also like Maxell and Kodak and others that I cannot remember.

Joe Wrobel (Kodak) has done extensive testing and believes that properly
CD-Rs have a very long life.  Similiary, JVC and Maxell recently performed
tests of DVDs and gave a very positive report at a recent SMPTE meeting in
LA.  Until these tests, I was concerned about the bonding of the two halves
of the DVD.

The fear about the CD longivity reminds me of the problems when Metal
Particle (MP) tape was introduced in the early eighties.  Some companies
produced an unstable product and that gave MP a bad name.

Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for blank tape, CDs, or DVDs.
It would be great if we had a "Consumers Union" to test and report on the

Best Wishes,


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