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[AV Media Matters] Data Storage Technology Assessment 2000 a free CD-ROM now ava

Dear Colleagues,

A US Government Contract under the National Technology Alliance (NTA)
Program has resulted in a comprehensive two-part report, entitled: "Data
Storage Technology Assessment 2000", (I) "Current State and Near-Term
Projections for Hardware Technology" and (II) "Storage Media Environmental
Durability and Stability". It was authored by Koichi Sadashige, consultant
to the National Media Laboratory (NML). The report reflects the most current
state of the technologies and should make a most useful reference work.

To obtain a free CD-ROM copy of the complete report, contact: George Sundem,
National Media Laboratory (NML). He can be reached as follows:
gesundem@mmm.com, or by phone: +1-651-736-1542.

Best regards,

Ed H. Zwaneveld,
Technological Research and Development
National Film Board of Canada
January 8, 2001

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