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RE: [AV Media Matters] AES

I just returned from the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Conference/Trade
Show in LA.  It is an audio version of NAB.  The papers, workshops, and
exhibitors are all the latest in audio technology.  Get info at

There were about 500 Exhibitors showing how to create the material
end up with but no one showing how to preserve it!

There was a Historical display by Paul McManus from San Diego.  Paul had a
lot of old tape and LP recording equipment on display in a Suite.  Anyone
interested in contacting Paul can at <paul-mcmanus@email.msn.com>

The most interesting exhibitor (for me) was a former Ampex engineer (Mike
Spitz) who has a company "ATR Services".  He refurbishes and sells old Ampex
audio machines.  He is located in York, PA and has a website at
<www.atrservice.com>  For audio heads for old Ampex machines, call Greg
at 925-679-9406

In the Standards Committee meetings, Metadata is a big topic.  Still
wrestling with how to describe it.  I did hear a good definition of
 The audio and/or video essence plus Metadata is the Program material.  In
the past, we have only recorded the program material on the tape, CD, or

There was a three hour workshop on Digital Libraries as well as two
meetings.  How to tackle Digital is certainly a hot topic!

The most recent audio format is DVD-A.  It is 24 bit at 96 KHz so is much
better than CD.  The problem is that it costs about $30 for a blank DVD.
Until the price of blank DVDs comes down, this format will not catch on.  It
is doubtful that DVD-A will ever catch on as a consumer format because cheap
CDs sound ok and will always be cheaper.  The target market is professional,
and, I hope, archival.

Jim Wheeler

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