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[AV Media Matters] Disaster query

I have received a message from a colleague in distress, and wondered if
anyone out there had some good advice for him.  The message is in the
form of an attachment to this Email.

David Lee
Wessex Film and Sound Archive

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    Subject: [ohf-online] Disaster query

    We've unfortunately had a disaster. An unsupervised electrician
    acting on his own initiative has cut out a section of plaster in
    the Archive's Work Room/Interim Storage Room wall, sending a
    cloud of plaster dust over equipment, archives, and books
    throughout the room. There was far more in the room than normal
    because of the construction going on everywhere, and it was in
    different stages of processing. Materials in the room  include
    paper, films, audio-tapes (open reel and cassette), video tapes,
    gramophone disks, computer disks, photographs and photographic
    negatives. The room also contained tape recorders, video
    recorders, film projectors and editors and so on.

    We're beginning to list the materials affected and assess the
    damage and possible damage. A thick cloud of plaster dust
    settled on the equipment and archives immediately adjacent to
    the hole in the plaster, but a thin coat of dust has gotten
    everywhere. There are also small chunks of plaster, some in
    surprising places. Dust seems to have gotten everywhere.

    I'd be grateful for any pointers or advice people might be
    willing to offer on what to look for, how not to create more
    damage (dust and plaster fragments have infiltrated video
    casings, for example; a set of sleeved gramophone records took
    the full blast of the plaster), and so on.

    I've taken seven of my audio and video recorders in to be
    professionally cleaned.

    all the best, with thanks for any thoughts - the good news is,
    the construction is well advanced, and looks set for completion
    in October  -

    Dr. Craig Fees
    Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre
    Church Lane
    GLOS. GL54 5DQ

    Phone/Fax: +44 (0) 1242-620125
    Email: craig@pettarchiv.org.uk
    web-site: http://www.pettarchiv.org.uk

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