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[AV Media Matters] AES TC on Archiving, restoration and digital libraries

>Dear AV Media Matters friends,
>I've been asked by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) to set up a
>Technical Committee (TC) on Preservation, Restoration and Digital
>Libraries and am inviting interested people to join.
>As an initial project for  the TC, I'm proposing to set up and maintain a
>comprehensive web site hosted by the National Library of Canada dealing
>with "all things audio preservation".  I believe there is a need for a
>well organized, repository of high quality audio preservation information
>which would be geared to an audience of varying levels of technical
>knowledge.  For the sake of consistency (metadata, design, etc) and
>continuity, the articles would be held on the site and when this is not
>possible there would be links to on-line articles and sites.  With
>author's/publisher's  permissions important articles available only on
>paper could be scanned.  Bibliographies of appropriate books, periodicals,
>articles and theses would be compiled.
>Close cooperation with other AES Technical Committees, AES Standards
>Committees, ARSC, IASA and other interested audio organizations will be
>fostered.  I would also very much like to see a healthy cross pollination
>with other electronic and non-electronic media preservation communities.
>If you are interested in getting involved or have comments, please e-mail
>Gilles St-Laurent
>Music Division
>National Library of Canada
>e-mail: gilles.st-laurent@nlc-bnc.ca

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